Recognizing/Celebrating the Senior Athletes from around Guilford County:First up Today we have Ben L. Smith High School(Home of the Eagles)

Recognizing/Celebrating the Senior Athletes from around Guilford County:First Today we have Ben L. Smith High School(Home of the Eagles)

We begin our Senior Takeover/Senior Stampede today with the Smith Golden Eagles….Smith led by Athletic Director Rod McCullough…Coach McCullough, as we call most of our AD’s, has a full load at Smith, and he has a coaching staff led for the most part, in his veteran on the boys basketball court, Derrick Partee

Coach Partee and assistant coaches Waddell and Turner, have been able to put together a consistent product, and the boys basketball team/program at Smith has done the job when it comes to sending their young men on to college…The other teams at Smith are taking notice of what Coach Partee and his staff are doing, and the idea of pushing the athletes toward attaining a college degree has become the norm at Smith, and that is a tribute to what Partee, Waddell and Turner are building…

The entire Smith athletic program is taking notice and you will see Smith continue to build in this direction, as they strengthen the entire foundation of their athletic programs, under the leadership of Rod McCullough….

Smith is growing and it is showing and here is where we are going next…We need to highlight the administrative staff at Ben L. Smith High School that backs up AD Rod McCullough and his coaching staff….

We have the man at the top, Principal Dr. Melvin Marshall….And working closely with Dr. Marshall we have, Ms. Lashonti Hines, 12th Grade Assistant Principal….Ms. Karen Braswell, 11th Grade Assistant Principal…..Mr. Steven Carmichael, 10th Grade Assistant Principal…..Dr. Frank Pantano, 9th Grade Assistant Principal…..and Mr. Demario Reid, Dean of Students…..

That is the backbone of Ben L. Smith High School…And now it is time for the Senior Student-Athletes from Smith High School to march….We highlight and congratulate them on all of their accomplishments and with that being said, we begin the music and let the Pomp and Circumstance play forward, as the Smith Senior Athletes move across the staging area…This is all part of the Senior Celebration for the Senior Athletes from Ben L. Smith High School, on Holden Road, in Greensboro, N.C.

Music Please and let the Pomp and Circumstance begin…No more speeches here come those Smith Golden Eagles now….
(We have the long play version, so this should give everyone a chance to cross the staging area.)

Here are those Senior Athletes from Smith and we highlight the ones that are headed to college and if they will be playing their sport in college…The music plays when you CLICK ON above….Enjoy….

(All listed will play in college)
DJ Cromartie- Elizabeth City State University
Tazhaun Davis-Tuskegee University
Xavier Garner- Guilford College
Sha’Med Gibbs-Elizabeth City State University
Josh Presna-Fayetville State University

Men’s Basketball
(All three will play in college)
Nick McMullen – Murray State
Khalid Hinds – NC Weslyan
Silas Mason – UNC Asheville

Varsity Men’s Swim Team
Alexis Aguilar, captain, Academy at Smith graduate-He will attend UNCG and plans to join their Club Swimming Program
Joshua Smith, Middle College at GTCC graduate
Deontae Frazier, Smith High School graduate

Justyce Manning- North Carolina A&T State University
Jasmine Patterson- North Carolina Central University
Ciera Phillips- Winston Salem State University
Simone Pounds- Winston Salem State University

Women’s Basketball
Lilian “Lily” Green – Guilford College
Sha’Mya Simmons-Elzabeth City State
Mackenzie Combo- Johnson C Smith
Ali Johnson- North Carolina Central

Dieu Toa – GTCC
Jonathan Guevara – Guilford
Nui Y. Muk- GTCC
Eduardo Hernandez – GTCC
Mianwa Kevin – GTCC
Velazquez Adrian – GTCC
Luther Tutu- GTCC
Deontae Fraizer – GTC
Garcia Edwin – GTCC
Jaquan Marsh – GTCC
Manrique Hernandez – GTCC

Christine Mlo
Walquiria Osorio
Arianna Valadez
Leslin Payes

Jarvis Maness – Fayetteville State
Nkosi Alston – WSSU
Jordan Williams – WSSU
Emarion Lynch- UNC Charlotte

Boys Basketball
Jordan Williams
Xavien Whitney-Taylor – WSSU

Devonte’ Jones
Jarvis Maness- Fayetteville State
Jywan Johnson- Guilford College
Tazhuan Davis – Tuskee
Malachi Windfield-McNeil – Fayetteville State
Markese Purchell – GTCC

Boys Tennis
Alexis Aguilar
Danny Tran
Elvis Nguyen
Josh Smith
Y’Jason Mlo

Jemerica Bethea NCCU
Ashley Frizzell GTCC
Nah’veyer Woods Guilford
Mackenzie Combo

**********The work should all be done, and now time to have some fun and Celebrate….Time for Celebration, from Kool and the Gang, our ‘Band of the Year’….Senior Celebration…Time to come together and what’s your pleasure, as you seek your treasure, with the Smith Senior Athletes moving forward into a whole NEW world….
Let the “Celebration” begin…Click On, listen and ENJOY!!!!!**********


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