Recognizing/Celebrating the Senior Athletes from around Guilford County:Next up Today we have Northwest Guilford HS(Home of the Vikings)

**********Recognizing/Celebrating the Senior Athletes from around Guilford County**********
The Northwest Guilford Senior Athletes page is brought to you by Will Berry and Berico Heating and Air Conditioning…Will Berry, a Northwest Guilford HS grad and Berico support Northwest Guilford High School Athletics…Berico, at 2200 East Bessemer Avenue, or call them at 336-273-8663…Thank-you Will Berry and Berico.

We continue our Senior Takeover/Senior Stampede today with the Northwest Guilford Vikings, from Northwest Guilford High School, on Northwest Guilford School Road…

NWG led by their Athletic Director Mike Everett…..Mike Everett, the former girls softball coach at Northwest, as well the former girls assistant basketball coach and assistant baseball coach for the NWG Vikings….Mike has had his hand in a lot of sports over the years, going back to his days as a basketball and baseball player, at High Point College/University…

We thank Mike for collecting this info on his NWG Senior Athletes from his coaches, and many of them have stepped up in our eyes over the years with Coach Wallace, Coach Reavis, Coach Hackett, Coach Bare, Coach Maness, Coach Payne, Coach Allred, Coach Nancy Everett and many others leading the charge…..

Mike Everett and AD John Hughes before him, have assembled a solid staff of coaches and the job has been handled by in a professional manner….

Ralph Kitley was the administrative leader/principal for Northwest Guilford High School for very many years, before he retired from his lead post back in March…Ralph Kitley, and we ought to call him Coach Kitley, since he was always very supportive of his NWG athletes… Any way, Mr. Kitley ably assisted by assistant principals Donnie Watkins, Wendy Farrow, Kimberly Gilyard and Tanya Hiller

Quite the year for the Senior Athletes from Northwest Guilford, and we remember when Brandon Thomas threw that pass to Christian Hampton, in the boys basketball game at Grimsley and Hampton jammed the basketball and he broke/shattered the backboard….A good way to put it really, because he really jammed it home, and it was on the road…All Robbie Boulton and his other Viking teammates could do, was look on in total disbelief…

Solid year for the Girls Basketball team too, as they captured the HAECO Basketball Tournament crown..And the seniors Baker, Carter, Harkey and Kargo were living in the moment…Hannah, Thalia, Megan and Reagan, very happy along with Coach Hackett

Look for many of these NWG Athletes in Basketball and all of the sports, to go on and do great things in college…We have the NWG Senior Athletes for you, and they are listed under their sport, plus we have where they will be going to college and if they will be playing that sport in college…If the college is listed, the plan is for them to play that sport in college, unless they are listed to be a Student Only…

We still are looking for a few of the colleges the Vikings will be attending, but those college names should be coming in soon, and we have that group separate toward the lower part of our list and we hope to be adding in more info there, as it comes in…

Time now to get serious and begin the Music, as the NWG Viking Senior Athletes begin to cross the center stage, and we have had these kids on here up close and personal over the years, so I am going to ask Megan Harkey and Christian Hampton if they will lead the Senior Athletes in, to the playing of Pomp and Circumstance…Megan and Christian have done some unbelievable things that we had the chance to witness over the years, and those two have been chosen to lead today’s procession…Let’s have at it, as the NWG Viking Senior Athletes begin to march onward, upward and beyond…
Click On and enjoy the processional music…

Girls Basketball
Hannah Baker – NC State as Student
Thalia Carter – Young Harris College
Megan Harkey – Xavier
Reagan Kargo – Limestone

Boys Basketball
Khari Carson – Ferrum Basketball
Robbie Boulton – NC State Student
Brandon Thomas – Catawba Football
Josh Humphrey – NC State Student
Christian Hampton – Tallahassee JC Basketball
Shaq Marsh – UNCG Student
Dean Reiber – Rutgers Basketball

Landry Garris
Brandon Thomas – Catawba
Davon Stewart
Stephen Vega – Penn State as Student
Alex Distefano

Joey Rezek – ECU
Hayden Summers –
Landon Frye – ECU
Ethan Martin – NC Weslyan
Gavin Mortenson – WCU

Meghan Young – Barton
Madison Malone – UNCW as Student
Madison Bowen
Grace James – App. St. as Student

Boys Lacrosse
Joseph Norris – ECU as Student
Kaleb Gossett – Fire Academy @ GTCC
Avery Hurst – ECU as Student
Robbie Boulton – NCSU as Student
Ryan Thompson – ECU
Blake Lett – Catawba
Tyler Soukup – Florida as Student
Kevin Flores – Undecided
Nathan Dunn – Navy Enlistment
Aidan Frey – Airforce Enlistment
David Phillips – GAP Program – Automotive Technician Apprentice
Drew Sizemore – Guilford College
Zach Williamson – Guilford College
Roberto Leon – GTCC
Declan Feeley – Barton
Dean Reiber – Rutgers Basketball

Boys Soccer
Jeremy Van Duin- UNC- Chapel Hill as Student
Brooks Atwell- Duke as Student
Eli Pippenger- UNC Wilmington as Student
David Cake- North Greenville University
Tom Edwards- GTCC as Student
Max Huber- North Greenville University
Mason Quinlan- Appalachian State as Student
Harrison Neeble- NC State as Student

Girls Soccer
Keely Woyahn- NC State
Reagan Palombo- Elon
Carly Maness- Appalachian State
Addison Greenhill- NC State
Jessica Gaytan- UNCW
Abigail Rose- UNC Charlotte
Jenna Parker- UNCW
Gabby Martin- NC State
Caley Justice- Methodist (soccer)

Boys Golf
Carson Powell – Liberty University as Student
Jack Slomkowski – undecided
Will Farrell – NC State as Student

Field Hockey
Chole Walker –
Val Orozco – UNC
Chantal Stalling – Charlotte
Allison Neumann
Grayson Fidishun – Alverina College
Sara DuMond – ECU

Brennan Berry – UNC as Student
Lily Hughes – App St as Student
Sarah Riedell – Coastal Carolina – Will play Beach Volleyball
Sarah Barham – Wofford – Will play Indoor

Lake Price – App State as Student
Jevin Wells – Marines
Ethan King – undecided
Stephen Vega – Penn State as Student

Girls Lacrosse
Sara DuMond-ECU
Riley McAllister – App state
Abbie Seidlie- NC state
Grayson Fidishun

Boys Tennis
Turner Johnson, will be attending UNCG…school only
Trevor Phelps, will be attending NCSU…school only
Charlie Hill

Girls Golf
Christa Simaan –
Maggie Mahon
Riley Williams

Girls Tennis
Elizabeth Weidl
Madison Bowen

With all of the names being announced/called, it is time to throw in the Cap and Gown and begin to Celebrate…Our ‘Band of the Year’, Kool and the Gang, have the tune for us, and it accurately titled “Celebration”…Over 187 million views for Celebration, by Kool and the Gang on YouTube…Time for the “Senior Celebration” to begin and time to get, Moving to the Groovin…..
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