Celebrating/Recognizing our Senior Athletes from our Guilford County High Schools:Today it’s time to bring on the Greensboro Day School(Home of the Bengals)

Today it is time to visit another one of our Private Schools from Guilford County, as we bring on the Bengals, from the Greensboro Day School, out on Lawndale Drive….

We went to this YouTube video, Greensboro Day School Senior Athletes, and pulled out the Greensboro Day School Bengals, and we will have them all listed here for you, in alphabetical order, and if you like, be sure to check out the excellent video and copy this page for Greensboro Day Senior Athlete memories…

This is how we did it for today…We listed the Senior Athlete and the sport that they played, at the Greensboro Day School…We are working on the list of all of the colleges that the Bengals will be attending and will add those in, as they come in to us…
(We hope to get that list of colleges from Randy Doss, of GDS, in a couple of days.)

The Greensboro Day School led by Tracie Catlett, Head of School, and by the Bengals’ long-time Athletic Director Freddy JohnsonFreddy Johnson, the legendary high school basketball coach, and he has two of his Bengal basketball players headed to ACC schools on scholarship, with Cam Hayes on his way to N.C. State, and Carson McCorkle set to make his home in Charlottesville, Virginia, home of the UVA Cavaliers…

Coach Johnson is so well-known in the basketball circles, that I was playing an outdoor game a couple of Sundays ago, and I wanted to use my ball, since it is the size of marble…But the guy I was playing against, wanted to use his basketball, a leather outdoor ball, and it wasn’t a Rick Barry ball, a Rick Mount ball, a Jerry West ball, or even a LeBron James, Michael Jordan, or Jack Twyman Sears Five-Star basketball…The guy had the original/authentic Freddy Johnson basketball…You know you have game, when they brought the game to you, and you are part of the game…The Freddy Johnson Basketball, an original…

Two other keynote speakers over at the Greensboro Day School are the girls head basketball coach, Mara Montana and the team trainer emeritus, John Schner…John Schner is the former trainer for the old Greensboro City Gaters, and John Schner is the man to see, for shoulder, arm, leg, and knee and then much, much more…
(We also throw in a shout-out for Bill Welch(Jr.), who heads up the GDS cross-country teams.)

But for these Senior Athletes from the Greensboro Day School, all they want to do is March in May, at Greensboro Day…

Here is what we are marching to today, and throughout the Graduation Season…Pomp and Circumstance….Click On Below, and it is time to all-out, out-of-here with the Pomp and Circumstance…

Greensboro Day School Senior Athletes

Jacob Alridge-Baseball

Zaira Arfeen-Tennis, Swimming

Christian Bailey-Basketball

Chris Bair-Soccer

Fulton Bell-Basketball, Tennis

Drew Bennett-Swimming, Baseball

Morgan Bontempo-Field Hockey

Rush Bowman-Baseball
Rhodes College…Will play baseball in college

Amanda Cash-Swimming
University of Lynchburg…Will swim in college

Will Catlett-Basketball

Cyril Chen-Cross Country

Rusishi Cathy Chen-Track and Field

Max Criscuolo-Swimming

Trevor Deedy-Baseball, Soccer

Christopher Delligatti-Golf

Caroline Doss-Tennis, Soccer
Wofford…Will play soccer in college
Female Athlete of the Year at Greensboro Day School

Lisa Fang-Basketball

Yulin Lisa Fang-Track and Field

Rett Grewal-Tennis

Pablo Gutierrez Sanchez-Soccer

Noel Harri-Soccer

Cam Hayes-Basketball…Scholarship to N.C. State

Nathan Hayes-Soccer

Atticus Head-Swimming

Kate Hodgin-Lacrosse

Madison Howard-Soccer
Wake Forest University…Will play Soccer in college…
Female Athlete of the Year at Greensboro Day School

Morgan Jones-Swimming
N.C. State…Will swim in college

Gregory Just-Swimming
Lenoir-Rhyne-Will swim in college

Audrey Kim-Golf, Cheer

Jeff Kirkpatrick-Golf

Carl Knox-Lacrosse

Garrett Lee-Soccer, Basketball

Celis Levy-Field Hockey

Victor Liu-Lacrosse

Avery Love-Tennis, Basketball

Yishan Coco Lyu-Swimming

Lauren Lowe-Tennis

Carson McCorkle-Basketball, Golf…Scholarship to the University

Jack Moody-Cross Country, Track and Field

Brooks Olin-Golf

Rahul Patel-Basketball

Cason Pierce-Basketball, Golf
Duke University-Preferred Walk-On for basketball

Destiny Plaskett-Basketball

Mary Katherine Poole-Lacrosse

William Presson-Swimming

Kayla Rafkin-Field Hockey

Emma Reilly-Golf

Elijah Roberts-Golf

Hanes Robinson-Tennis, Basketball

Ginny Roman-Swimming, Volleyball

Zach Ross-Baseball
Barton College…Will play baseball in college

Nick Saunders-Cross Country, Track and Field

Jake Scott-Baseball

Graysen Shirley-Cross Country

Stone Solomon-Lacrosse
University of Tampa…Will play Lacrosse in college…

Cameron Snyder-Baseball

James Sumner-Baseball, Soccer
Male Athlete of the Year at Greensboro Day School

Whit Trevey-Basketball, Golf

Max Walters-Cross Country, Track and Field

Jingshu Sabrina Wu-Swimming

Katherine Wyrick-Basketball

**********As we leave the GDS Senior Athletes, we leave them with this song of Celebration…This is the song from our ‘Band of the Year’, Kool and the Gang, with Celebration…Time to go “Old School” with the Greensboro Day School, and their Senior Celebration….Click On and Get It On….**********

Here is your Upper Access for the Greensboro Day School Senior Athlete Video from YouTube…