George Floyd was a one heck of a Basketball and Football Player back in his day, in Houston, Texas

from Jerry Bembry with The Undefeated, by way of

Growing up in Houston’s Third Ward, Eddy Barlow found inspiration in George Floyd. As he watched Floyd make big plays as a two-sport athlete at Jack Yates High School on his way to earning a college hoops scholarship, Barlow realized there was an escape from the Cuney Homes housing project where they lived.

“I’m a little younger than George, but it was exciting when I got to Yates and walked those same halls where he played,” said the 38-year-old Barlow, who would also go on to become a star player at Yates and play professionally overseas. “In basketball, he was a Dennis Rodman type, a blue-collar player. In football, whenever we’d go to a game and hear his name after he scored a touchdown, that was exciting because he represented us.”

This is a very good/excellent read from the sports aspect of George Floyd’s life and you can read more/read all, when you CLICK HERE. You need to check it out, and you will be glad you did….