Update from Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughn on City of Greensboro Nightly Curfew

from the Mayor of Greensboro Nancy Vaughn on Facebook:

I keep getting emails to “call off the National Guard”. We did not activate the National Guard. They are not here and have never been here. If they were here you would have seen them. You can’t miss them. The Governor offered cities throughout North Carolina, many options so far we have not accepted his offer for help.

The curfew was a difficult decision.
(The curfew runs from 8pm till 6am)

The sole intention of the curfew was to preserve life. The escalating violence of Saturday and Sunday nights was unsustainable and it was just a matter of time before someone was severely injured or killed.

This curfew is for the protection of the peaceful protesters and our residents. For a short period of time, I believe a curfew is necessary to preserve the health and safety for the people of Greensboro.

People have asked me why not just limit it to downtown. Protesters can easily change their locations to another area of town. This past week, we’ve also experienced a rise in robberies and looting in other areas of the city. I want everyone to be safe.

I anticipate that the curfew will last, at least, through the weekend.