Time to Celebrate/Recognize More Senior Athletes from our Guilford County Schools:Today’s “Senior Celebration” features High Point Andrews HS(Home of the Red Raiders)

Celebrating/Recognizing our Senior Athletes from our Guilford County Schools:Today we bring on the High Point Andrews Red Raiders…

The HP Andrews Red Raiders led by their Athletic Director Rod Pitt…Pitt the former linebacker for the Northeast Guilford Rams…

Rod Pitt at the top of the Red Raiders athletics food chain, and the “chain of command” runs through coaches like Randy “Nat” Norris with Baseball, coach Earl Barnes with girls Track and Field, coach Eric Berry with boy Track and Field, coach Mitchell Jenkins with Football, Coach John Shearin with girls Basketball, and there are many others helping and directing the athletes, at T. Wingate Andrews High School, in High Point, N.C.

We have known Coach Norris and Coach Shearin for many years and they, along with the other Andrews coaches, have laid a groundwork, that has enabled the HP Andrews athletic programs to grow, and to continue to thrive….

We are proud of all of the T. Wingate Andrews coaches and Senior Athletes and we commend them on the job that they have done…The Class of 2020 is ready to reach the ‘Promised Land’

In order to reach that ‘Promised Land”, you need leadership at the top, inside the administrative offices of the educational process, and you have it at High Point Andrews, and as we look inside those front offices we find these leaders there, leading the way for the T. Wingate Andrews High School “Senior Athletes”

We have:
Principal Marcus GauseDarell Baker, Assistant Principal – Grade 11 and Grade 12…Dorand Blackston, Assistant Principal – Grade 10 and Grade 12…Cammie Cummings, Assistant Principal Grade 9 and Grade 11…plus De’Jhon Collins

As the students look to attain that ‘Promised Land’ status, we must give them some music to march to, as they march out the door for the last time, at T. Wingate Andrews High School…For the Class of 2020, and this year’s Senior Athletes, this is how we do things…

Time for another smooth taste of Pomp and Circumstance…Click On Below, and there you go…Here come the 2020 Senior Athletes from High Point Andrews High School and we will be adding in more names, as those names come in to us…

High Point Andrews Senior Athletes

Trey Perdue-Looking at GTCC or going to work for Honda Jet
Dorrian Thomas-Undecided
Terrell Carlton-Miltary
Jahleel Morman

Jenoah McKiver-Going to Iowa on Track and Field Scholarship
Mario Hoskins Jr.-Going to Guilford College for football
Kenel Barrett-Going to Averett University to play football
Trey Lindsay
Chris Baker
Deandre Mcmanus-Headed to Averett University to play football
Kenneth Pemberton
Dorrian Thomas-Undecided
Montrez Archie
Darrell Robinson…Looking at Guilford College
Jahleel Morman

Girls Basketball
Jeriel Nesbit-Fayetteville State University will play basketball on scholarship
Sequoyah Johnson-GTCC
Delicate Shivers-Belmont Abbey or Shaw University

Boys Track and Field
Jenoah McIver-Iowa on the Track Scholarship

DeAndre McManus-headed to Averett University to play football

Dorrian Thomas-Undecided

Girls Track and Field
Katrina Gamble
•Track and Field 4 year Letterwoman
•Shot and Discus
•5X state qualifier
•4X conference champion
•2X all conference
•Post-grad: Attending Fayetteville State University on a Track and Field athletic scholarship

Jeriel Nesbit-Jeriel is a 2x state champion. 4×100 & 4×200 where they set the 2A state record in the 4×200 and a 4x state qualifier….Jeriel to Fayetteville State on the basketball scholarship….

High Andrews Red Raiders Boys Basketball coached by Cory Dumas:
Terrence (TJ) East-Varsity men’s basketball Co Captain, will be attending Methodist University this fall to play basketball this winter…
Jenoah Mckiver-Varsity men’s basketball- He is attending Iowa on a track and field scholarship
Kenel Barret- Varsity men’s basketball team Co Captain. He will be attending Averett university to play football.
Muhammad Mansour- Varsity men’s basketball- undecided
Lloyd Price- Varsity men’s basketball- undecided

We will be adding in more of the High Point Andrews Senior Athletes as they come in…We congratulate all of those above on their accomplishments and their on their future intentions…..

Nothing left to do now but Celebrate, and we have selected our ‘Band of the Year’, Kool and the Gang, to led us as the HP Andrews Senior Athletes begin their “Senior Celebration”

This is a true time for Celebration, so join us all, as we turn things over to Kool and the Gang, as they let the Good Times begin…Click On Below, and off we go…

**********We say thanks again to coaches Norris, Barnes, Berry and Jenkins for their input on this page/post…Thank-you very much and Coach Norris really got the ball rolling, and he has done that over the years, at Page HS and at T. Wingate Andrews…**********