Mike’s Big Ole Fish: Hogewood had it and now Jordan’s got it(If I Could Be Like Pike, or a Blue Marlin, or Something Like That!!!)

Mike Hogewood and Mike’s Big Ole’ Fish, back in the days on WFMY TV 2…If I Could Be Like Mike, with Mike/Michael Jordan back in his days in the NBA

If I Could Be Like Mike…..That was even a tune for a commercial back in the days, and I think it was a Gatorade commercial, with Mike playing basketball, and then refilling on a nice chug of Gatorade…

Our old friend, Mike Hogewood, and man the energy that man showed us, well Mike had Mike’s Big Ole’ Fish segment back in the day, with Mike and his young son at the time, Robert, seeing what they could pull out of the ole fishing hole, and others would send in their photos to Mike and Robert, and see if they could top Mike’s Big Ole Fish….

Like our leader was saying up there in the headline, Mike Hogewood had it, and now Michael Jordan’s got it…

Mike Hogewood and his sidekick Robert, were looking to pull their best Big Ole Fish, out of the local fishing holes, and their neighbors were doing likewise…Now this week, Michael/Mike Jordan has joined in on the fray, and he and his boat of fellow fisherman, are trying to pull Mike’s Big Ole’ Fish, out of “The Hole in the Sea”….

Remember, there is a “Hole in the Bottom of the Sea”…..

Mike Jordan’s fishing team, from Michael Jordan’s #23 fishing boat, just pulled in a 400-plus pound Blue Marlin fish, during the “Big Rock Fishing Tournaemt” in Morehead City, N.C., back on Tuesday….

A 400-plus pound Blue Marlin fish, and now that is “Mike’s Big Ole’ Fish”….

If I Could Be Like Pike….Or Blue Marlin, or some sort of fish…

Must be big business, because they were saying that this Fish Story, on the Big Rock Fishing Tournament, was drawing almost a million views on ESPN.com….

If I Could Be Like Mike…Here comes Michael Jordan, the All-Big Rock Fishing Tournament First Teamer….

Does Michael Jordan become the G.O.A.T of fishing???

With that haul in of that 442 pound Blue Marlin on Tuesday, Mike is going for more than pike…..
(Looking for clarification here, are we looking for GOAT, or are we looking for FISH?)