News and Record has left their downtown offices:N&R ‘Vacated the Premises'(Remembering Much of the Sports Staff that worked in that building on East Market Street)/A look at the new N&R offices on South Elm-Eugene Street

+++++++++++Now a look at the new News and Record offices on South Elm-Eugene Street…..++++++++++

Plus from News and Record reporter John Newsom on Twitter, and John said he is gone from the old N&R downtown building, and all others from the N&R staff have vacated the premises….
(I’m thinking John Newsom was on the sports staff several years back.)

The News and Record staff are in new News and Record offices now, and they are not located in downtown Greensboro..From what we have been reading, the N&R was in their old downtown building for 44 years, and that is a pretty LONG haul…

More from N&R reporter John Newsom on Twitter….

**********Some memorable names from the N&R Sports Department, on East Market Street**********
(I’m sure we have left several out, but we will add them in, as they come to us.)
Smith Barrier
Irwin Smallwood
Wilt Browning
Bill Hass
Tony Barnhart
Tom Northington
Larry Keech
Drextel Ball
Tom Einstein
Lenox Rawlings
David Lamm
Gary McCann
Charlie Atkinson
Ray Alley
Ray Cooper
Helen Ross
Scott Michaux
Myer Anthony
John C. Manuel
Rob Dainels
Jeff Carlton
Dustin Long
Eli Pacheo
Bill Gupton
Kate Hairopoulos
Kelli Dixon
Craig T. Greenlee
Tony Jeffries
Tony Green
Brian Tomlin
Jason Wolf
Tom Keller
David Reynolds
Brant Wilkerson-New

More recently:
Ed Hardin
Joe Sirera
Jeff Mills
Spencer Turkin
Eddie Wooten

+++++Two more names to our list, David Bulla and Moses Crutchfield….Moses Crutchfield would have been on board in the very early days of the News and Record building, on East Market Street…+++++


  1. Thought of a few more while I was doing the afternoon workout…

    Lenox Rawlings
    Drextel Ball
    Brian Tomlin
    Ray Cooper
    Ray Alley
    Scott Michaux
    Eli Pacheo
    David Reynolds

    ++++++Added these new ones to the original list.+++++

  2. Let’s also add two more names to our list and those would be David Bulla and Moses Crutchfield…

    Moses Crutchfield would be from the very early days on East Market Street…

  3. Another key name that came through those News and Record sports offices, on East Market Street, was Terry Pluto…

    Pluto went on to work for the Akron Beacon-Journal and other publications…

    He wrote a very good evaluation book of the old ABA/American Basketball Association, called “Loose Balls”…

    Terry Pluto and while he was coming thorough our area/the Triad, I think he also worked briefly for the High Point Enterprise….

  4. I don’t think he worked at the East Market Street offices, but we should add in the name of J.P. Mundy here…Very active on Twitter and he has been hitting the Friday night high school football beat for the N&R, for many years now…

    J.P. Mundy….

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