The Morning Run:”Life is a Highway”

Back on that “Morning Run” for this Friday morning, and we are out there every morning on the “Morning Run”, but there is something about these Friday excursions that make them a little bit more interesting….Maybe it is the music that accompanies these Friday Morning adventures…

The music and tunes/songs make Fridays a little bit better…

And for today’s theme on the Friday Morning Run, we have decided to go with our title for this week and it is, “Life is a Highway”

Your are out there on that Friday morning run and you are running on the street, and the street is your Highway Into Life, and therefore, “Life is a Highway”….

Let’ hit it Herman and here is our theme song for this Friday Morning RunLife is a Highway, by Tom Cochrane…It is a good one to kick us off this morning….Take it Tom…Click On Below and the video will be ready to go….GO!!!

Since Life is a Highway, we need more Highway Songs, and we have another, and it appropriately entitled “Highway Song” and it is from the group Blackfoot…Lots of music in this one and it will lead you on down the highway, with the Highway Song, sing it on and on….Here’s Blackfoot and their group used to always spread the word that Blackfoot Matters…

Hit it for the video show below and all you have to do is Click On and listen in…..

We have our theme of the day being Life is a Highway, and I have a real treat for you next….How about the highway, and we bring in “The Highwaymen”, and that would be Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson, and we have these Highwaymen singing the song, “On The Road Again”, and that fits what we are doing here perfectly…Life is a Highway, we have The Highwaymen, and they are singing, “On The Road Again”….

I would say we have hit a jackpot with this song, and you can decide if you agree with us, when you Click On Below, and get in on the video show with The Highwaymen, as they go “On The Road Again”….Take it away, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson…..

In our Spiritual Segment for this week, we have another home run tune for you, and it fits our ‘theme of the week’, just right….Our theme going, “Life is a Highway”, and to take us upward and off of the roads of this earth, we have Jesse Dixon from the Gaither Homecoming Video Series, with his outstanding song, “Highway To Heaven”

Life is a Highway, and there is a “Highway To Heaven”….Just a beautiful tune and you can tune it in and get on the “Highway To Heaven, with Jesse Dixon….All you need to do is Click On Below, for Jesse Dixon, and he is ready to go…And we are on our way up to that, “Highway To Heaven”……Time to rise, so just close your eyes, and you will attain your prize, on that “Highway To Heaven”

Our last tune of the day, will take you away, but you will be traveling in Cars…Hard to think about our theme, Life is a Highway, without there being a few cars getting in our way, along life’s highway…People told me ‘Gary’s got it’, and let’s find out for ourselves, with our final vocalist of the day, and that would be Gary Numan, with his song, “Cars”….

Cars, Cars and more Cars, and good way to close out our trip down life’s highway today….Life is a Highway, and seems like there will always be cars or obstacles in our way, but have to find a way to get around them and keep moving on down life’s highway…

Here’s Gary, Gary Numan, with his rendition of, CARS……Click On Below for the Gary Numan video show….CARS

**********I feel like we did pretty good putting it all together for today, and I just hope we can match this effort next week…Until then, keep it on, “The Morning Run”….**********