311 Speedway in Madison loses key partnerships over Controversial Facebook Posts

Late Friday, two key partners pulled out of their affiliations with the 311 Motor Speedway in Madison….

Mike Fulp, the 311 Speedway owner came out with some very controversial posts on Facebook this past week, and he drew ire with his remarks about NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace…

Wallace drives for the #43 Richard Petty racing team on the NASCAR circuit, and there was a noose found in Wallace’ garage stall this past week, at the Talladega, Alabama Speedway…

Fulp put a post on his Facebook page that he was selling “Bubba Rope” for $9.99 a noose and that his racetrack, 311 Motor Speedway, would be having “Heritage Night” tonight/Saturday night at 311 Speedway, and that 311 would be selling Confederate Flags and Confederate Flag caps at the track, and the fans were welcome to “wave their Confederate Flags and wear their Confederate Flag caps”….

Fulp also posted on Facebook that African Americans should be given watermelons, a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and a ticket back to Africa….

Here is the response for the Key Partners that pulled out of their affiliation with 311 Motor Speedway for the remainder of this season….

Info coming from the News and Record and N&R writer Ethan Joyce:/www.greensboro.com/CLICK HERE
The Carolina Sprint Tour posted on its Facebook page that it would not race at 311 for the remainder of its season.

“We do not condone nor support the comments and posts that have been made the past week,” the post read. “We will not put our sponsors, IMCA Racing, series, drivers, teams, owners, fans or families in a negative light such as what’s happened recently.”

The Carolina Sprint Tour said it would work on filling its two open dates occupied by 311, on July 25 and Sept. 26, with other venues.

Roughly four hours after that tour’s news, Loflin Concrete of Kernersville said it requested this week that all of the signs and references to the company be removed.

“Standing for what you believe is often different than being known for what you are against,” the Loflin statement on Facebook read. “Sometimes just being against something in principle or belief is just not enough. Words must lead to action sometimes. This is one of those times. We have cut all ties with 311 speedway.”