Charlie Harville’s Racing Roundup:311 Motor Speedway Owner Speaks Out with Jeff Mills of the News and Record(Mike Fulp says he knows his troubles are self-inflicted, but that he meant no harm)

Mike Fulp, the controversial owner of the 311 Motor Speedway in Madison/Pine Hall, North Carolina is speaking out, as we bring you our Charlie Harville’s Racing Roundup for a Saturday Night…..

For Saturday night June 27, races at the half-mile red-clay oval(311 Motor Speedway) were abruptly canceled….

The old “Daytona of Dirt” was shut down, after week-long raucous on Facebook, led by 311 Motor Speedway owner Mike Fulp, and on Saturday, as Mike Fulp spoke with News and Record reporter Jeff Mills, Mike Fulp was telling Jeff that his troubles have been all self-inflicted, but that he meant no harm….

With this week’s Charlie Harville’s Racing Roundup, we will look at some of the things Mike Fulp was telling the N&R’s Jeff Mills, and Fulp’s feelings, on how this whole week went wild and viral….

Again, Mike Fulp told Jeff Mills several times, that he meant no harm, but……

Mike Fulp from the 311 Motor Speedway was selling “Bubba Wallace Ropes” for $9.99 per noose on his Facebook page…Mike Fulp was selling Confederate Flags and Confederate Flag caps on his Facebook page and encouraging racing fans to bring the Confederate pieces to the races at 311, for Saturday night…Mike Fulp said on his Facebook page that he would give African Americans watermelons, buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken and tickets back to Africa….

Mike Fulp told the N&R’s Jeff Mills, “I’ve lost all but two of my sponsors.”

“I’m responsible. I’m responsible for trying to make some jokes. But the world is mad as hell right now.”

Fulp also told Jeff Mills:
“I was trying to be funny, trying to make jokes. Because I really do have four of those Bubba Ropes (a brand name of synthetic winch line) I’m trying to sell,” Fulp said. “…

“I’m not a racist,” he said. “I’m not a racist”.

“I never want to hurt anybody or anything,”

“It breaks my heart, man,” Fulp said. “Because I see a lot of hate. I don’t want nobody to hate me. I’m not a bad dude.”

**********To sum it all up and to use some closing thoughts that Mike Fulp was trying to convey, here is what he was trying to say, Fulp said he knows his troubles are self-inflicted, but that he meant no harm.**********
(With all of the comments from Mike Fulp on Facebook, we here at ‘The Roundup’ would have to say, “That’s a strange way to run and operate a business that is trying to reach out and to appeal to what they hope would be a broad base portion, of auto racing’s fan population”.)**********

CLICK HERE for the full article/post from Jeff Mills at the News and Record, and a fine job by Jeff, with this exclusive report….