When the High Schools Reopen for Workouts next Week, they will remain under NCHSAA Phase One Guidelines

(The North Carolina High Schools can officially reopen their athletic workouts next week, but those workouts must begin under NCHSAA Phase One guidelines.)

The big deal will be the No-Contact Appeal…No contact will be allowed between players at all…And all weight rooms will remain closed…You may want to go get in a workout at a local gym, but NO, those are still closed too…..If you want a good workout these days, you better just go ahead and hit the Open Road…..

from the Asheville Citizen-Times on Twitter:

The N.C High School Athletic Association will continue to enforce strict no contact summer workout guidelines next week after a sharp increase in coronovirus cases prompted Gov. Roy Cooper to extend the statewide Phase 2 restrictions through July 17.

“Since the NCHSAA has not established a date as to when we will transition into the NCHSAA Phase Two, Phase One will continue on July 6th,” NCHSAA commissioner Que Tucker said in an email to coaches.

In the NCHSAA’s current phase, weight rooms will remain closed and athletes can participate in conditioning and individual skill drills. No contact is allowed between players, which includes using a shared football, basketball, soccer ball or volleyball.