Most Recent Update/Report on 311 Motor Speedway in Madison:Guns and Prayer

Here is the basic report on the most recent news coming out of the 311 Motor Speedway in Madison, this Summer…

There has been no lack of drama at the “Daytona of Dirt”, in the Summer of 2020….

From last Saturday night at the track and from the News and Record and their reporter currently on the scene, Susie C. Spear, we read this as the current beat, from the street…

And the theme for the current update/Report from 311 Motor Speedway might just be summed up like this….

Guns and Prayer:

from Susie C. Spear we find out this….

STOKES COUNTY — Black protesters at 311 Speedway here were met with intimidation by AR 15-style-rifle toting staff and fans Saturday night, but ended the evening praying arm-in-arm, hearing the raceway’s owner apologize for his recent racist Facebook posts, a video shows.

There was a video of the events at the track from this past Saturday night/evening and I sure would like to see that Facebook video, but here is some of the conversation from the 311 Speedway owner Mike Fulp, in that video….

Fulp cried as he spoke in the video, “I made a mistake, and I’m sorry. I don’t want nobody hurt, man, I don’t want nobody hurt … People threatened me, to kill me,’’ he said of callers, many of whom he said were white.

“Let’s pray for you because you’re hurtin’’ Pastor Greg Drumwright said, before meeting Fulp outside 311’s gates, where Fulp asked to shake hands with each protester, embracing one young man and crying.

CLICK HERE to see more of this post/article and to see the photos from last Saturday night at the 311 Motor Speedway, courtesy of the News and Record/N&R…..