“The Ageless Arm”, from Santa Fe, New Mexico is in the Triad:56 year-old LHP in High Point for Tuesday/Today’s 2pm start vs. The Triad Tribe

Today/Tuesday July 14, the East Coast Weekenders vs. The Triad Tribe 2pm at Ed Price Field, in High Point…..On the mound/hill for the East Coast Weekenders will be 56 year-old LHP Rodney Tafoya“The Ageless Arm”, Tafoya, going for career win number 449 today…
(The Triad Tribe, from the ONSL/Old North State Baseball League, and the ONSL led by league president, Reggie Allred.)

Game time will be 2pm, with the East Coast Weekenders, managed by Relly Mecurio, facing The Triad Tribe, in Adult League Baseball…“The Ageless Arm”, Rod Tafoya, on the bump today for the East Coast Weekenders….Tafoya sitting at (448-93) for his career….
(The East Coast Weekenders, led by skipper Relly Mecurio, took/swept a doubleheader from the Flying Pigs on Monday, 4-0 and 12-0, with the Weekenders gaining the wins, over the Flying Pigs.)

Check out the backstory on this 56 year-old pitcher Rodney Tafoya, when you read on below…This will give you the background, on “The Ageless Arm”…..

They say that Santa Fe is a great place to stay and play, and you can really get away to Santa Fe, nestled in New Mexico, and known by Santa Feans as the “Land of Enchantment”

Santa Fe can be a great place to play baseball, and Santa Fe, New Mexico resident Rodney Tafoya has been plying his baseball pitching trade since 1980….

They call this 56-year old phenom “The Ageless Arm”…The left handed pitcher is currently pushing for 450 career pitching victories, five decades in MiLB, and ultimately 500 wins….As of July 7, 2020, Rodney Tafoya, “The Ageless Arm”, has 448 career pitching victories and his overall record going back to 1980, is 448-93….

“The Ageless Arm” will be in High Point, N.C. next week and his 450th win is not out of reach…He will be pitching for the East Coast Weekenders Adult Baseball Team, and he is due to fly into Greensboro on Monday July 13, and then he will be ready to start on the mound for the Weekenders vs. the Triad Tribe, on Tuesday July 14, at Ed Price Field, in High Point….

If he could get the win on Tuesday, who knows, win #450 would not be far away, for this Santa Fe, New Mexico native….

Rodney has been pitching on the professional level for five decades, and with him being what is called “The Ageless Arm”, you never know what might happen…
(You just never know how long his arm might last.)

Rodney Tafoya lived up to his moniker of “The Ageless Arm”, when he became the oldest player to start a professional baseball game for the Rosewell Invaders, of the Indy Pecos League, and ended up with a No-Decision, after his Rosewell team took the 9-8 victory, last season(2019), when Rodney Tafoya was 55 years old….

Rodney Tafoya pitched back-to-back games at the age of 45 years old, throwing 222 pitches in the process, and in that two-game span, he got his team to the title game, and they won the Championship….This is when his name, “The Ageless Arm” was laid/hung on the left-hander…..

This man, “The Ageless Arm”, from Santa Fe, always comes ready to play….Rodney Tafoya has pitched 670 games for 175 teams and has gone 354-70 in the MSBL/Men’s Senior Baseball League since 1994…..

“The Ageless Arm” Rodney Tafoya, with 668 games pitched, 115 No-Decisions, 13 Lifetime Saves, Enshrined into the Men’s Senior League Baseball Hall of Fame in 2014….

This guy is the “real deal”….They don’t call him “The Ageless Arm” for nothing. This man from Santa Fe, a small city of 84,000 in New Mexico, has helped make Santa Fe the Baseball Capital of the World for left-handed pitching ageless wonders, and Santa Fe also holds down the role of the state capital, of New Mexico….

“The Ageless Arm”, 56 year-old Rodney Tafoya, coming to the Triad, and to High Point, next week…..

Rodney Tafoya has more than a few things going for him: God, his determination, and well, his left arm, as he inches closer to 500 career wins….“The Agless Arm” with 448 wins under his belt, and here he comes into High Point, right here in the Triad, next week….

“The Ageless Arm”, from Santa Fe, a great place to play, and you have to say, Rodney Tafoya has made the most of his baseball career…He thanks his current skipper Relly Mercurio, who manages the East Coast Weekenders adult baseball team, and Mercurio was also Rodney Tafoya’s skipper last season, with the Roswell Invaders of the Indy Pecos League….

The man from Santa Fe, glad to still be getting the chance to play, and taking it day-to-day, as he leaves Santa Fe, and heads to High Point next week…

“The Ageless Arm” is an ‘Ageless Wonder’, and you just have to wonder how long this Rodney Tafoya can keep on going…His age is not showing, and what he has done so far, is just short of amazing….You need to get on over to High Point next week, and take a look at “The Ageless Arm”, on Tuesday….Ed Price Field in High Point on Tuesday, vs. the Triad Tribe, and the East Coast Weekenders LHP, Rodney Tafoya, is set to start…

This is your chance, the Man from Santa Fe will come ready to play….A 56 year-old pitcher is ready to work his magic for the East Coast Weekenders, and his name is “The Ageless Arm”, and the folks in Santa Fe, New Mexico still know and love him, as Rodney Tafoya….

Take a trip to Facebook to check out more about the Rodney Tafoya story and we have more from Rodney’s resume below…Just Click On the Facebook Link and be sure to check out his resume below…

Lefthanded Spot Starting Pitcher at Alpine Cowboys

Author of Ageless Arm, My Passion Lives in the Core at Speaking Volumes

Former Lefthanded Starting Pitcher at Santa Fe Fuego

Former Minor League Lefthanded Pitcher at Astros de Piedras Negras Club de Beisbol Profesional

Spot Starter for Roswell Invaders

Former Minor League Lefthanded Pitcher at Regina Cyclones Professional Baseball Club

Former Minor League Lefthanded Pitcher at Erie Sailors

Former Minor League Lefthanded Pitcher at Boise Hawks Baseball Club

Former Lefthanded Starting Pitcher at Rieleros De Aguascalientes

Former Lefthanded Starting Pitcher at Delfines de Puerto Vallarta

Studied Business management at Newman University, Wichita

Went to St. Michael’s High School

Lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico

From Santa Fe, New Mexico