Bryce Harris(Greensboro Day School) transferring to Putnam Science Academy in Connecticut, to continue his high school basketball career

Making his announcement on Twitter to leave the Greensboro Day School, Bryce Harris is transferring to the Putnam Science Academy, in Connecticut to continue his high school basketball career…

Bryce Harris, 6’6 Forward/Guard Class of 2021….TOP 10 RANKED PROSPECT IN 2 STATES:Ranked 7th in State of NY. Ranked 4th in State of NC…..

Click on Below for the Bryce Harris video announcement…

Putnam Science Academy is nestled in the quiet corner of Northeast Connecticut. It is located just over one hour from Boston, Massachusetts, and less than an hour from Providence, Rhode Island and Hartford, Connecticut. Our school and campus continues to expand annually. Most recently, we purchased a grand palatial estate which overlooks the Quinnebaug River. This building has been transformed into our new Liberal Arts Center and boy’s dormitory. It is also where our offices are primarily located. The original school building and girl’s dormitory is now our STEM Center where all classrooms for math, science, technology, robotics and programming are based. This is truly and exciting time for all of us at Putnam Science Academy.

The Putnam Science Academy Men’s Basketball program strives to develop aspiring students into successful student athletes and leaders with character and a passion for excellence, both on and off the court. We base our program on five core principles:

Individual Development, Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Respect and Leadership
Putnam Science Academy focuses on developing young athletes into competitive basketball players by the time they reach the collegiate level. Our program stresses the technical, tactical and physical demands of the game as it is played at the college level. By exposing our young athletes to these demands early on in the program, the players find themselves better prepared to play at a higher level. A rigorous preseason training program is also an important element to the success and development of our players. Additionally, we have specific conditioning and technical exercises that improve the players core strength and develop agility.