The Morning Run:”Peace Like a River”(Sweat like a River)

Our theme for this Friday morning, on The Morning Run is, “Peace Like a River”

You really do need that Peace Like a River to make it through this day…The Morning Run was everything tough and all of the above…

“Peace Like a River” could easily be remembered as “Sweat like a River”…On a day like today, the sweat was flowing in buckets…You get back from The Morning Run and your clothes are like you just got out of a river, or a swimming pool after a long dive/swim…You are just soaking wet, and you better have “Peace Like a River”, if you want to get to the next detail on your list for today/Friday….

Today was volatile, if you factor in that big ole’ dose of humidity that we are/were feeling…I have been out there on the road running for the past 42 years, and this is most humid Summer I can ever remember…Buckets…Sweat like a River….

But, we need “Peace Like a River”, and here it is….

Peace Like a River, from Vinesong and Click On Below….

I did not find a song for Sweat like a River, but I did find “Peace Like a River”, and this is the kid’s version…Good upbeat song…
Click On Below…

We keep our daily theme running on The Morning Run with Wintley Phipps singing for us, When Peace Like a River, “It Is Well With My Soul”….Wintley Phipps, and “It Is Well With My Soul”
Click On and you are on your way to a great revitalization with Wintley Phipps..

With all that sweat pouring out, as the humidity reaches for its highest levels so it can smack you in the face one more time, you have to ask the question, “How Do You Like Me Now?”….Is there still that Peace Like a River???

Tell me, asks Toby Keith, “How Do You Like Me Now?”…..
Click On Below for the Toby Keith video, and it will show what you already know, long live The Morning Run…

I can only imagine what next Friday’s run and next Friday’s show will be like, and since I can only Imagine those items, let’s bring in Wynonna Judd, to sing it out for us, “I Can Only Imagine”….

Here’s Wynonna Judd and her rendition of, “I Can Only Imagine”
Click On Below, and she’s ready to go..

To close it out today on The Morning Run, we will run out of here looking for some REST, and we want to Go Rest High On That Mountain, and we have Vince Gill and Patty Lovelace to take us up there to the top of that of that mountain, with their tune, “Go Rest High On That Mountain”….This was sung and they did an outstanding job, at the funeral for George Jones…

On some of these Fridays, and on The Morning Run, you feel like your own funeral might be getting nearer, as the that humidity hits you like a jackhammer, but you can, if you allow yourself to, “Go Rest High On That Mountain”

Vince Gill and Patty Lovelace close us out, and send us home today….Click On Below, as we say so long for the show, for this Friday….The Morning Run, has run out…..