Catching Up With A Greensboro Basketball Leader and Mentor:Kenny Slade has it made, like a ‘Glass of Basketball Lemonade'(Well Played with “Streetball Sports” Greensboro)

Streetball Sports Greensboro, a well-played group of basketballers, that are in reality, Streetballers….

Led by their mentor and founder, Kenny Slade, Streetball Sports Greensboro, is a thriving bunch of basketballers, that play their hoops games year-round…

Inside and Outside, and mainly outside, as the weather allows, the Streetballers, take it to the streets, and to any outdoor basketball court that they can find…..

This past Sunday found them at Jefferson School, over off of New Garden Road, here in Greensboro, and they had a full-court game going, and it was a going strong….

Must have been about 20-30 Streetballers out there over the 2-3 hour period, and Kenny Slade was leading them on….

Kenny Slade heads up the Streetball Sports Greenssboro group, and Kenny Slade has been pushing the basketball up and down the court since back before 2000…

Kenny has promoted and operated Downtown Roundball Challenges and he put together a full-service outdoor basketball court, for kids and young adults, at Hampton Park, over off of Vandalia Road, and Four Seasons Blvd.

Slade has been serving up his basketball lemonade for many years, and it looks like Kenny Slade is not slowing down now….

He had a large group out there at Jefferson School on Sunday, and he was filming the game highlights, so that they can be seen on his YouTube Channel….

To learn more about Kenny Slade and Streetball Sports Greensboro, go to………

Kenny Slade is still in town, and the basketball nets are going to be burning up, with Streetball Sports Greensboro balling, until the sun goes down…..

Again, you can contact Kenny at or call Kenny Slade at 336-965-0888…..

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