The Morning Run:”Did I have the Run, or Did the Run have me”???

One of those questions you have to ask yourself and then examine the situation….

On The Morning Run, did I have the run, or did the run have me???

In the end there were buckets of sweat again this Friday morning, due to that thick humidity, but one positive that I can pull out of the Friday Morning Run, is that I got the roughly six miles in, in right around 46 minutes…I had to be someplace earlier than usual this morning, so that led to a very steady pace over my selected/desired course.

Got it done, to the tune of a good workout, but still the question remains, “Did I have the Run, or did the Run have Me”???

We really have to get down to the heart of the matter…

We have Don Henley up first today, with “The Heart of the Matter” and he is going to get down to it…
Click Below, for the video on the go….“The Heart of the Matter”

Sometimes the running don’t feel like it should, sometimes, it just Hurts So Good….And we have John Cougar Mellencamp doing his tune/song, “Hurts So Good”…Yes, sometimes running don’t feel like it should, sometimes, it “Hurts So Good”.
Click On…For Johnny Cougar Mellencamp, from Seymour, Indiana….

When you are in a hurry and you are running, or trying hard to run, on The Morning Run, often times you just have to pick up the pace and “Do The Hustle”…We are not talking Pete Rose and “Charlie Hustle”, we are talking Van McCoy, and “Do The Hustle”
Click On Below, and off you go with Van McCoy, and “Do The Hustle”…Good fast pace tune, to get you moving in a hurry…

If we go out for the run and don’t make it back, and let’s say we have our life in order, and we hope that all of us have our lives in order, and if that proves to be the case, then we shall experience our spiritual lesson of the week….

“We Shall Behold Him”…An excellent song for our spiritual movement of the week, on The Morning Run, and it comes in today from Sandy Patti“We Shall Behold Him”…Here’s Sandy Patti on our spiritual roll for today…Scroll, roll and feed your soul…
Right On/Click On….Go Below for the Video Show….This is really beautiful, be sure to listen in, and check it out..

Our final tune of the day comes from a little bit off of the beaten path, but it is a very likable country tune, and this girl put it all on The Line…She left the suds in the bucket, and the clothes hanging out on the line…Neat perky little song from the country sound for this week, with Sarah Evans, and her tune/song/ditty, “Suds In The Bucket”

I think you will like it, and be sure to Click On Below, for Sarah Evans and her video show, with “Suds In The Bucket”

That’s all the time we have for this project for this week…Be sure to join us again next week, when Junior Samples will say, maybe when Roy Clark will say, or maybe when Buck Owens will say…They are all dead and gone away, but we may bring them back from the Hee Haw Show next week, and get Junior, Roy, and Buck on The Morning Run

Until then, stay safe and wash your hands, wear your mask, remain six feet under, and do all of that while still trying to have fun….