Less Weight and hopefully More Quality Reps/Snaps this season for D.J. Reader(Grimsley HS/Clemson), as he joins the Cincinnati Bengals up front on the defensive line

This post on D.J. Reader, former Grimsley Whirlie, and his new home on the defensive line for the Cincinnati Bengals….D.J. has shed 20 pounds or more, and now that he is lighter, he may be getting more quality reps/snaps, as he settles into his new leadership role, along the front line for the Bengals…..
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D.J. Reader Sheds Weight In Hunger To Be His Best

D.J. Reader has beached the Cap’n Crunch this offseason, among other carbs, as the Bengals’ new, lighter anchor looks to expand on a role that made him one of the NFL’s top young defensive linemen for the Texans last year.

When Reader and the rest of his teammates get on the field at Paul Brown Stadium, the only thing heavy about him is going to be that $53 million deal the Bengals gave him three months ago. Reader says he has shed about 20 pounds, is now about 320 and remains hungry despite becoming the NFL’s the highest-paid nose tackle.

“I want to do the things that are going to make me a better player this year,” Reader said recently. “Maybe get a little more quicker. My reps might go up, you never know. I wanted to be prepared for everything. I wanted to make sure I’m going to be in the best shape of my career. Play better and yet still be strong.”

Defensive line coach Nick Eason, a veteran of 121 NFL games, says the lower weight won’t bother Reader at all inside. He looks at Reader’s 6-3 frame and sees an ascending player doing whatever he can to get better.

“You carry around a 20-pound weight on your back and then take it off and see how much of a difference it is,” Eason said. “He’s not a small guy. He’s still big. He could lose 20 more pounds and still be bigger than most everybody. I think he’s just doing what he can to be a better player and being more elusive and quicker.”

His reps may increase. And not, they hope, because the Bengals have taken more defensive snaps than any team over the last three seasons. They want and need to end that. But because Reader, who turns 26 in three weeks, can add so much to what amounts to a new defense.

“We talked about that level of expectation we’re going to have for him,” Eason said. “He’s going to be in involved in our sub packages and every package we have. His role is going to be expanded with us. His role is going to more than in Houston.”

The snap counts remain to be seen, of course. So much of it depends on injuries and situations. The most snaps Reader has played in his four seasons is 638, or 60 percent of the Texans’ load in 2018. Last year he followed it up with nearly the same, 621 for 58 percent. There could be a little bit more than that, but Eason’s idea is that they’re going to be healthier, deeper and better up front so that everyone gets less work and isn’t as worn down as they were last season.

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