The Wife of Ric Flair(Wendy Barlow) has tested Positive for COVID-19

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has confirmed that his wife, Wendy Barlow, is currently sick from the coronavirus (COVID-19), while at the same time denying reports that he has also tested positive from the disease.

According to the NY Post, the former 16-time world champion tested positive for COVID-19 last week, though Flair denied the claim. “That is absolutely incorrect,” Flair told The Post. “My wife does [have the virus]… we live in a 5,000 square foot home. I live in the basement. She lives upstairs on the third floor and she got sick.”

That same week Flair was caught on camera driving through a Starbucks drive-thru without wearing a protective facemask. Flair hung up the phone before the NY Post could probe further into his Starbucks trip, but did insist through a text message exchange that his “health is excellent.”

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