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Good Crowd Attends Downtown Rally to Support High School Sports in Guilford County:Gathering on Wednesday Morning at GCS Education Offices in Downtown Greensboro(With Video)

Not a huge crowd, but a good crowd on hand today, to show support for High School Sports/Athletics in Guilford County….

The rally was held at the Guilford County Schools Education Offices on Eugene Street…We were outside, and it was HOT, but the group that gathered this morning(Wednesday), did get their point across…

It was all about rallying support for high school sports in Guilford County for 2020…

Mainly the rally was to show full support, for the Fall Sports this upcoming school year…

Representatives were there from Southwest Guilford, Page, Ragsdale, Grimsley, Eastern Guilford, Southeast Guilford, Dudley and Northern Guilford and there may have been more schools represented that we did not see…

And by representatives from those above mentioned schools we mean Athletic Directors, Coaches, Administrators, Students, Parents, and the like…

The individual speakers included Grimsley High School senior Sincere Burnette, Ragsdale High School coach Michael Holder, and Southwest Guilford head football coach, Chuck Doak….

Sincere Burnette, the Grimsley HS senior football player, was the key event organizer for today’s activities, and Sincere has sincerely put a lot of his time, effort and thinking into making this special project a success…

Guilford County Schools officials were in attendance today, including the Director of Athletics for the Guilford County Schools, Leigh Hebbard…..

The ongoing theme of today’s Rally For Guilford County High School Sports/Athletics was, “Support the Troops/Kids”…Each speaker and everyone on hand, taking in today’s message, felt like the point was to show FULL Support for the high school athletes and band members in Guilford County….

And to make all of this very clear, today’s event was about the Band, Cheerleaders, and other athletics support crews too….

It was very evident that the students, led by Sincere Burnette, the students want Athletics to happen in Guilford County in the Fall of 2020, the coaches led by Michael Holder(Ragsdale HS) and Chuck Doak(SWGHS), they want the same thing Sincere Burnette is asking for, Athletics/Sports to happen in Guilford County in the Fall of 2020….And again, the Fall season needs to include the Band and Cheerleaders, on the field marching, playing music, and cheering on the teams too…

This wasn’t just about Football, and it wasn’t just a Grimsley Pep Rally…This rally was about letting all voices/sports being heard/represented…From football, cross country, volleyball, tennis, soccer and other Fall sports…This was about all of the schools from Guilford County having a chance to play ball in the Fall….

Very good event/Rally on a hot Wednesday, and Kudos to Sincere Burnette, for taking action, and making sure that all of the necessary details were in place, to make this Rally For “Ball in the Fall”, be made available for all, in downtown Greensboro, on this Wednesday in July…

Sincere Burnette speaking to the crowd gathered today at the GCS Education Offices in Downtown Greensboro….

**********Another meeting/rally is planned for Thursday/tomorrow night on Cridland Road, at Latham Park…Start time is set for 6:30pm, this rally/meeting will be geared more toward the overall mental impact of sports and athletics for high school students, in Guilford County…On Cridland Road, at Latham Park, on Thursday night at 6:30pm…The Rally Road for Sports/Athletics in Guilford County continues…**********

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  1. Guilford County Schools Superintendent Dr. Sharon Contreras did respond to the rally.

    Her statement to FOX8 read:

    “We understand that our students want to participate in athletics and other co-curricular activities. We know they miss the connections they have with their friends and with our coaches and teachers. We miss them, too. However, we also want our students and staff to stay healthy and safe, and right now, public health data in our county is going in the wrong direction. I support the recommendation of our district athletic directors.”

  2. Kathy Albright

    Parents of GCS Athletes- meeting tomorrow night/Thursday night, July 23, 6:30pm at Latham Park – 1028 Cridland Rd. We need parents of all athletes from all sports and high schools represented. It is time for us to advocate for our children!

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