Local Trainers Are Taking Things to New Levels During Pandemic:Greensboro’s Jimmy and Charlene Lamour step up/change their game

from Eddie Hughes, with Spectrum News and CLICK HERE to see Jimmy and Charlene Lamour photo and the Eddie Hughes’ video interview with Jimmy and Charlene Lamour …

strong>GREENSBORO, N.C. — It’s been months since Jimmy and Charlene Lamour have been inside a gym. The coronavirus has the state of North Carolina stuck in Phase II, and that means many are left working out in other ways.

The owners of New Level Performance saw their client list shrink in half due to the pandemic. They soon figured out that the best way to continue working out with their client list was to take things outside.

Jimmy, a former Guilford College defensive back, started training athletes in 2005. His wife Charlene joined him and helped him grow his passion. “She wants to help people whether their goal is weight loss or you want to be the fastest kid in America,” Lamour says.

His wife works with more adults, but the two work together to help each client and their mental health. When the coronavirus closed the gyms, they turned to each other to help them get through the tough times.

The husband and wife’s health and wellness trainers have combined their sessions, usually at Southwest Guilford High School in Greensboro. The spousal support helped each other get through a tough time and will continue with the unknown of when things may get back to normal in the state.