Dudley Panthers’ Defensive Lineman Payton Page turns the page:Payton Page Picks Clemson Tigers(With DDV/”Decision-Day Video”)

Big 6’4/330 pound Payton Page, the James B. Dudley High School defensive lineman, decided this afternoon to continue his college football career, with the Clemson Tigers…

Page, part of the Dudley HS Class of 2021, had three choices and he chose from North Carolina, Tennessee, and Clemson, with the Clemson Tigers winning out over the Tar Heels and Volunteers…

Dudley Athletic Director Art Wade got the event started at 6pm inside the Rod Gorham 4G3 Training Center, on Cedar Park Road, off of East Gate City Blvd.

AD Wade gave the opening remarks/comments and then the Dudley Panthers’ head football coach Steven Davis spoke on behalf of his big defensive lineman, and Coach Davis had nothing but good things to say about his rising senior, Payton Page…
(“We’d love to win a State Championship with this guy this season, if we get to play this season, said Coach Davis.”)

The mother and father of Payton Page were next to speak, and both his mom and dad said Payton Page was not interested in playing football in his younger days….

Page’ parents both said Page was only into basketball and that was his primary sport, back before he hit the ninth grade at Dudley High School…Mr. and Mrs. Page said if not for the encouraging words from former Dudley HS quarterback and current VA Tech QB Hendon Hooker, Payton Page may have never played football

Both of Page parents said Hendon Hooker was the difference-maker….Hooker’s push of Page, pretty much put Page on the football map…

Payton Page’ dad credited all of the schools that came after his son Payton Page, with a very strong recruiting process, and Mr. Page also took time to thank the N.C. A&T Aggies, even though A&T missed out on the younger Page…“A&T was a plus in the process, said Mr. Page, they helped, and I thank them for that”….

After the words from Payton Page parents, Payton himself took the microphone and made his BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!

Payton Page said after much consideration, he was casting his lot with the Clemson Tigers….

Patyon did not put on/don the ball cap of the Clemson Tigers…To keep in tune with our current moment in time, Payton Page put on the Face Mask of the Clemson Tigers, and so did his parents and his little brother….

Wash your hands, stay six feet apart, and Wear a Clemson Tigers face mask….Dr. Anthony Fauci would have been proud of Payton Page and the Payton Page family today….

Today, the Payton Page Family, became part of the Clemson Tigers Family….
(Congrats Payton Page, on your move into the Atlantic Coast Conference, as a part/Page of the Clemson Tigers.)

CLICK ON BELOW to check out the Payton Page DDV/”Decision-Day Video”, and watch Payton Page put on the Clemson Tigers’ mask…..