Tony Barnhart on College Football:ACC Schools have their Football Schedules and Waiting for Dates(Tony Barnhart is “Mr. College Football”)

Tony Barnhart…..Mr. College Football

Confirmed by @blauds of @TheMediaGuides
ACC schools have their football schedules. Waiting for dates.

Mark Blaudschun
ACC Prez meeting now to consider 10 plus one option with ND as full member or 8 plus one with ND getting 8 instead of 6 ACC games. Situation in flux. Stay tuned…..


  1. Tony Barnhart

    An ACC head coach told me this was coming and I didn’t believe it. Didn’t think Notre Dame would go for 10 conference games. But there it is.

  2. Tony Barnhart

    This just in from A Jersey Guy
    . Notre Dame deal with ACC could be a legacy builder for commissioner John Swofford.

  3. Brett McMurphy

    ACC will play 10 ACC games + 1 nonconference game, 1st games b/w Sept. 7-12, one division, Notre Dame will also play a 10-game ACC schedule & be eligible for 2020 ACC Title Game, all TV revenue for 2020 season, including ND home games, shared equally by all 15 schools…..

  4. from David Teel with the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

    Ambitious, unprecedented and compelling don’t begin to describe the revised football schedule ACC presidents approved and unveiled Wednesday.

    Stressing the extra-large “ifs” created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the presidents endorsed a 10-plus-1 model crafted by athletic directors and the league office that makes Notre Dame a member of a football conference for the first time in its storied history and eligible for the league championship game.

  5. Tony Barnhart

    People have complained over the years that there was too much down time between the conference championship games and the national CFP semifinals. If things stay on schedule it will be only two weeks from SEC champ game until the semis on Jan. 1 at the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl.

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