Steak n Shake Steak Burger still one of the “Best Burgers Around”

Had a good one for lunch on Wednesday…..

Hit the drive-thru at the Steak n Shake on West Wendover Avenue and the Double Steak Burger and Fries did not disappoint….

This still has to be one of the “Best Burgers Around”…..And the price is so right when you can get that Double Steak Burger, with Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, and Pickles, plus the fries, all for just $4.26, when you add in the tax….

The deal is just $3.99 before the taxes are added in…That is some kind of deal there….

And the Burger is coming out of the sides of the hamburger bun….Plus those onions really top it off, and make the overall flavor near-perfect…

Looks like this Steak n Shake Double Steak Burger meal is the deal and “The Meal of the Week”

Last time by Beef Burger it looked down over on Gate City Blvd., McDonald’s is playing ketchup with Steak n Shake right now, Burger King has left his throne, Wendy is taking some time off, Hardees has closed their downtown Greensboro location….

Let’s give up today and tonight, to the Steak n Shake, out there on West Wendover Avenue, and their Double Steak Burger Meal….

**********Go For It!!!!!**********

One thought on “Steak n Shake Steak Burger still one of the “Best Burgers Around”

  1. Still gotta be lovin’ the McDonald’s Fish Fillet Sandwich and the $4.00 deal with the Fish Fillet Sandwich and fries is a Winner….

    That Wendy’s chili hits the spot too…

    Top them all off with a Large ice water……..

    Peeps got to Eat!!!!!

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