How about a game of “Ten Ball”???: Making the game of Baseball much more Efficient!!!

How about a game of “Ten Ball”???

Or maybe we should phrase that, “Ten Balls”…..

Baseball would be much more efficient if we would begin the game with 10 baseballs, and if you lose all 10 of those baseballs, the game is OVER and we all go home…The team in front when you run out of baseballs, is the Winner!!!!!

This is flat out crazy…Such a waste of money…It almost looks like professional baseball is holding some sort of entitlement card over our heads….

You foul a ball back, you put a new ball in play…

The baseball goes into the dirt on a low pitch, you put a new ball into play…

Ball after ball, after ball, after ball….What of waste of money….We could be feeding quite a few hungry children with the money we could save by just using the 10 baseballs per game…

Baseball would become much more efficient in their business dealings….They could donate some money to those kids’ charities with the money they would save, when they would only use 10 baseballs per game…

Ever watch a baseball game on TV, and keep an eye on the Ump???

The home plate umpire spends more time handing new baseballs to the catcher, than he does calling balls and strikes….

Ten(10) baseballs per game and that is your allotment…No more, no less…If you can’t finish the game, then whoever is leading after 10(10 Baseballs/Not 10 Innings), will be declared the Winner….

We won’t have to hear Jim Scott, Stuart Barefoot, or the late Gary Ross calling for a new box of baseballs to keep the game going….

It’s over….Ten(10) baseballs, and that’s all you are going to get…You lose them, then get the heck out of here and come back tomorrow and start all over again….

The number is 10(Ten), let the games now begin….

(If you are really on your game, you will take the old baseballs home after the game, and rub them down with bleach, and that will make those old brown balls, white baseballs once more.)

+++++We must get Efficient. Are you listening/hearing me professional baseball???+++++
(We must stop the wastefulness and madness.)