“Mr. College Football”/Tony Barnhart says, “This is going to get Interesting”(Will the ACC and Big 12 go with the SEC?)

Tony Barnhart/”Mr. College Football”
Oh my. This is going to get interesting. Will the ACC and Big 12 go with the SEC? Buckle up folks.

Tony commenting on the Twitter word from The Big Lead
Dan Patrick reported on his show that the Big 10 and PAC-12 will cancel their college football seasons tomorrow, but the SEC is still holding out.

Iowa State
Kansas State
Ohio State

9 thoughts on ““Mr. College Football”/Tony Barnhart says, “This is going to get Interesting”(Will the ACC and Big 12 go with the SEC?)

  1. Ross Dellenger

    NEWS: The SEC presidents are meeting this morning, sources tell @SINow, in a call that was *not* previously scheduled.

    This morning’s meeting is to explore the weekend’s news. There is not necessarily expected to be any kind of vote.

  2. Cameron Teague

    Scott Satterfield(Louisville football of the ACC) said as of this morning he was told the ACC is moving forward no matter what other conferences do.

    “That’s what we will do until we hear otherwise.”

  3. Ross Dellenger

    Tuesday could be a significant day in CFB history.

    Pac-12 and Big 12 presidents meet. Big Ten presidents meet tonight for a final vote, per @Graham_Couch…..

    Others: ACC has scheduled meeting Wednesday, and SEC presidents, as we reported, are meeting today but no vote expected.

  4. from Tony Barnhart on Twitter:

    Stewart Mandel(Editor-in-Chief of The Athletic)

    Let this be your first signal that the Big Ten isn’t going to dictate the SEC’s timeline.
    Quote Tweet

    Greg Sankey(Commissioner of the Southeastern Conference)

    Best advice I’ve received since COVID-19: “Be patient. Take time when making decisions. This is all new & you’ll gain better information each day.” @SEC has been deliberate at each step since March…slowed return to practice…delayed 1st game to respect start of fall semester..

  5. Tony Barnhart

    This from SEC Commissioner

    The scientists kept telling him the same thing. Use all the time you have to make decisions. The SEC is not scheduled to play football until Sept. 26. The Big Ten starts Sept. 3. Big difference.

    The decision does not have to be made now.

  6. Dabo Swinney: “I’ve made my decision. I have a football team that’s made their decision. Hopefully people will respect what we want to do and allow us to play.”

  7. Bill Clark
    @CoachBillClark(UAB/University of Alabama Birmingham Football)

    Thought I would share some Great news I just received!
    176 Tests administered this past Sunday-Everybody in the UAB Football Building.- 0 Positives!!

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