Sunday Night would have been the “Picture Perfect Night” for a Friday Night High School Football Game, but here we are being held hostage until February 2021

Driving home from the basketball court tonight(Sunday) and just thinking to myself, as I looked around, and it came to me in a real nice way, that this would have been the “Picture Perfect Night”, for a Friday Night High School Football Game

It was a near perfect ending to the afternoon, as the late-Summer evening set in.

The temp meter was reading 75 degrees outside, and there was one of those late-Summer breezes blowing…Just a light breeze, and for a super touch, even the humidity was low…

This night was right, and you could feel that high school football kickoff coming at 7:30pm sharp, and at halftime, you would still have daylight, at 8:30pm…

I always loved being around those early-season games where you kicked off at 7:30 and the sun was still hanging around at 8:30pm, meaning it was not dark yet, at halftime of your favorite high school football games…

This night/Sunday night really was near-perfect….This was one of those nights, where you want to kick that ball to the opposing team, and let’s get this game going on….

We had it tonight, just like the days back when you were playing, or maybe coaching, or maybe just going to the games, and cheering your favorite team on….

We may have similar night coming up this Friday, and then how is that going to feel?

Tonight was one of those nights, where you just wanted to soak it all in and think about what might have been….

But, this coming Friday night might be a different story…If the night is “Picture Perfect”, we may want to go out the local stadium and just stare up at the Friday Night Light Poles, or the scoreboard, and say to ourselves what Ron Simmons used to say in his days as a WWF/WWE wrestler, and we can not print that statement here….

There you go…When you see and begin to feel the late-Summer nights like this one, you get the feeling that we are merely being held hostage until February….

High School football is set to begin again, in February of 2021….

Until then, enjoy the Friday Night Lights, and set your sights on your football rights……
(Oh, I forgot, we may have temporarily lost those last week.)

February will be here before you know it, and I don’t know about you, but I am having trouble dealing with that………
(The NCHSAA is a hard-working unit, but boy, thay laid a hard hit on all of us football people last week.)

You may ask the question, so you are a football man, here at

Yes, I am a man for whatever is in season; football, basketball, baseball, etc. And right now my instinct/gut feeling tells me, that we are in Football Season, and we ought to be playing FOOTBALL…..