When will Guilford County Schools be able to practice football and other sports:Will they be able to start up/begin Off-Season Workouts any time soon???

Good question for the day….When will the Guilford County Schools be able to begin any form of Off-Season Workouts???

Seasons will begin on November 4, with many other seasons falling right in line thereafter…Would it not be a good idea to conduct some sort of Off-Season Workouts for the different high school sports???

This would be a great way to be getting ready for the upcoming seasons….Off-Season Workouts would not be a bad idea at all…Forsyth County has been working out, Davidson County has been working out, Randolph County has been working out, Davie County has been working out, Surry County has been working out….

Why can’t Guilford County do some working out?

They should set a date, and shoot for the date, as a beginning target for workouts….

For all intents and purposes, this the Off-Season…..


  1. lol smdh wonder if yall had someone sick, immuno compromised or grandma at home with an illnesses would the reaction be the same? Long as it does not hit you smack in the face let’s play huh?
    Cause some counties going a certain direction does not mean it is right for all cmon now. Just a sport tell your kids focus on the classroom sports will be back when it is safe.

  2. I love ball i love sports for our youngsters. I feel for them. LEt’s be real this frustration is mostly(did not say all) coming from kids and parents who are rising seniors looking for offers. I get it. Not to be cruel i am just being realistic. If you were going to your senior year with no scholarship it was very unlikely you would get 1. If you were hoping to go pay an aau team you own money to play as a rising sr that schol chance was unlikely to happen. If you do get a chance it is likely would have been D3 which means no money. They already evaluated at your class 2 years ago. Just the way the game is played these days. We gotta be safe and smart. Maybe a good time to teahc them sports is not the end all be all. Other doors to open other opportunities are available. We all want that 5 star son or daughter but it does not have to be all about that.

  3. We have to get this message out so that the people in charge hear it. The coaches of Guilford county are ready to socially distance players during workouts and have put plans together to make sure this happens. Let them workout and ride around to see the workouts. If someone is not doing it right, fix that school but don’t assume that all schools are not going to take every effort to create a socially distant workout. They just want their kids to have every chance to succeed and right now the system is not equitable.

  4. With all due respect, for some it may be about senior years and scholarships but for some it is about the mental and social aspect that these students need to be healthy as well.

    These kids are already working out and having 7on7 among themselves unsupervised without guidelines. All I am saying is why doesn’t the county just allow them to continue to do what they are doing except under the supervision of their coaches and guidelines put forth by the NCHSAA.

  5. @Ron Lenard. With all due respect Ron. Stay home stay safe. And watch reruns of Hoover Two a Days.

  6. be safe the ball will return when the time is right. Just a sport and there are other ways to have social mental benefits. GO walk with you mom and dad, play chess, do some yardwork, volunteer help an elderly neighbor, and for many of these kids read a book and learn other skills. Missing football is not the end of the world sorry it is not.

  7. Are we teaching and saying mental and social development only comes from sport? then lawd help us. Your spelling bee or mathc club kid in trouble i guess right? Just saying

  8. Ron Lenard I feel you. You never know one or two game can make a difference in getting that scholarship offer your kid and other kids are look for. Especially being a senior this year. Players that live in low income home can be that much important to them . A full ride or even a half a ride can make an impact on their life. Ron Lenard I’m with you man ! I have a son that’s in the ninth grade and a really good BB player and a AB student. I always tell him he can have the best of both world (academics & athletics scholarship) I would be fighting the same fight if he was a senior. Reading some of these post you can tell these people never played sports or couldn’t make the team, just saying. Probably the same people the drive with their mask on ( have y’all seen this ?) I’ve even seen people jogging with a mask on (crazy). Please don’t respond to my post, and if you do TAKE YOUR MASK OFF ! Just playing.

  9. lol wow that sums it up for me Andy that last post is so funny. Luckily he is a 9th grader and got until jr year. wow and btw i played high level D1 ball but we won’t compare resumes here another time maybe if we meet at the bar. So i actually know how recruiting works lol omg too funny. Everyone i wish you and yours will stay safe and have a good year. Andy i appreciate your work with this site, well done my guy.

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