“The Rock”/Dewayne Johnson has tested positive for COVID-19/Coronavirus

Former WWE Champion The Rock/Dewayne Johnson and his family recently tested positive for COVID-19.

from www.wrestlinginc.com:

Rock posted an 11 minute video to Instagram today and revealed that he and his immediate family are currently recovering from the coronavirus. Rock, 48, and his wife Lauren Hashian, 35, have two daughters together – Tiana, who was born in April 2018, and Jasmine, who was born in December 2016. Rock also has a 19 year old daughter from his first marriage, Simone, who is signed to a WWE developmental deal. She apparently did not catch the virus.

As seen in the video below, Rock talked about how COVID-19 has been one of the most challenging and most difficult things that they have had to endure as a family, and for him personally. He noted that they are all now doing better and are healthy, and are “on the other end” of the virus. He also said they are no longer contagious.

Rock revealed that they caught COVID-19 from very close family friends, who they “love and trust.” He added that the friends are devastated over what happened, and have no idea where they got it from.

It was also noted that Rock and his family have been under quarantine for months, and he has not worked while recovering from the virus. He encouraged people to wear masks, work on boosting your immune systems, and test people who you let in your home.

Dewayne Johnson/”The Rock”:
My message to all of you around the Earth:
Stay disciplined.
Boost your immune system.
Commit to wellness.
Wear your mask.
Protect your family.
Be strict about having people over your house or gatherings.
Stay positive.
And care for your fellow human beings.

Stay healthy, my friends.