High School Football Tonight with 7 on 7 action at the Kernersville YMCA

Here is the lineup for tonight’s Friday Night High School Football 7 on 7 games at the Kernersville YMCA…
(They have a bubble at the Kernersville YMCA, and they have teams ready to play.)

Listing of Games for September 11, 2020, at the Kernersville YMCA Fields 1 and 2…

6pm on Kenersville Field #1
Eastern Guilford/EG vs. Grimsley/GR
6pm on Kernersville Field #2
NG vs. NWG…Northern Guilford vs. Northwest Guilford

6:30pm on Kenersville #1
ROCK vs. WA..Rockingham County vs. Western Alamance
6:30pm on Kernersville #2
EG vs. EA..Eastern Guilford vs. Eastern Alamance

7pm on Kernersville #1
EG vs. NG
7pm on Kernersville #2
GR/Grimsley vs. NWG

7:30pm on Kernersville #1
7:30pm on Kernersville #2
WA vs. EA/Eastern Alamance

8pm on Kernersville #1
EG vs. NWG
8pm on Kernersville #2
GR vs. NG

8:30pm on Kernersville #1
8:30pm on Kernersville #2
WA vs. EG