High School Football Tonight with 7 on 7 action at the Kernersville YMCA

Here is the lineup for tonight’s Friday Night High School Football 7 on 7 games at the Kernersville YMCA…
(They have a bubble at the Kernersville YMCA, and they have teams ready to play.)

Listing of Games for September 11, 2020, at the Kernersville YMCA Fields 1 and 2…

6pm on Kenersville Field #1
Eastern Guilford/EG vs. Grimsley/GR
6pm on Kernersville Field #2
NG vs. NWG…Northern Guilford vs. Northwest Guilford

6:30pm on Kenersville #1
ROCK vs. WA..Rockingham County vs. Western Alamance
6:30pm on Kernersville #2
EG vs. EA..Eastern Guilford vs. Eastern Alamance

7pm on Kernersville #1
EG vs. NG
7pm on Kernersville #2
GR/Grimsley vs. NWG

7:30pm on Kernersville #1
7:30pm on Kernersville #2
WA vs. EA/Eastern Alamance

8pm on Kernersville #1
EG vs. NWG
8pm on Kernersville #2
GR vs. NG

8:30pm on Kernersville #1
8:30pm on Kernersville #2
WA vs. EG

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  1. It wasn’t a FULL Friday Night Lights but it was competition. Happy for the kids!!

    Thanks to the area coaches and NC Fusion for putting this league together in short time. No easy task. Glad to see these area football players have something to look forward to on Friday nights the next 7 or 8 weeks.

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