The Morning Run:”Got To Get A Little Mud On The Shoes/Tires”(A Tribute to Greensboro College Coach Randy Tuggle, with “If You Get There Before I Do”)

That excellent Brad Paisley tune to get us rolling along this Friday morning, on “The Morning Run”…..
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You just got to get a little mud on the shoes/tires, if you are going to get the run done….Got to get the run/job done, on this Friday morning…

That song from Brad Paisley will get us going/running this morning…“Got To Get A Little Mud On The Tires”….
CLICK ON BELOW for that tune to get you on the run/move this morning….Brad Paisley and “Mud On The Tires”

Got to thinking about Randy Tuggle, the Greensboro College Women’s basketball coach, who passed away yesterday/Thursday, due to complications from cancer, and we are both the same age…Coach Tuggle died at age 62, and here I am, still running down the road on a Friday morning, at age 62…

Sort of strange….One person taken and another one left….Makes you sort of wonder what it would be like, if we Could Turn Back Time….Here is Cher with, “If I Could Turn Back Time”…..Think about it, what would you change, If you could turn back time???

Cher, and “If I Could Turn Back Time”….Click On Below, and we have the lyrics, so you can do the read back/turn back…

It all comes down to time, and we have a song for you that makes you stop and think about it….Things keep coming at us, like they did with Coach Tuggle, and those things in life and then even in death, they come at you, “Time After Time”

Here is Cyndi Lauper, with her song, “Time After Time”…Click On Below for the video show….

Another good tune that brings the things in life and death into focus is the song from Kenny Rogers, “Through The Years”…Nice song and it gives us a good message this morning…

Here’s “Through The Years”, by Kenny Rogers…Click On Below, for the video show, with lyrics…..

Greensboro College coach Randy Tuggle was an angel to many that he met, and Randy Owens, along with Alabama, has the next song lined up for us, and it is entitled, “Angels Among Us”….A sweet song, to help get you along, on “The Friday Morning Run”…

Here we are with, “Angels Among Us”, from Randy Owens and Alabama…Click On Below for the heartfelt video show….

Final song today for “The Morning Run”, as we work in this tribute today to Coach Randy Tuggle, from Greensboro College, and it is a touching tune, that really hits home….It is from Collin Raye today, and it is called, “If You Get There Before I Do”…This song brings it into focus in many different ways…Maybe a song that stirs up thoughts of Randy Tuggle and his wife, or Coach Tuggle and his family…This one is for him, his wife and his family today, on “The Morning Run”

Collin Raye, and “If You Get There Before I Do”…If you need to shed a tear, go ahead and do so…It can help relieve the hurt….
Click On Below, as we go away for today….

That’s it for this Friday…Be sure to come back in here with us again next week…This has become a very popular Friday Morning Music Video Show, and as we go for today, we say, Say a prayer for the Randy Tuggle Family in their time of grief and need….

We need to have you back in here again next Friday for the show, so do all you can to take care of business this upcoming week and we will talk to you again in this format, next Friday morning…That’s All Folks, for this Friday, and for “The Morning Run”…..

RIP Randy Tuggle, from Greensboro College and Northwest Guilford High School