Letters on Guilford County Schools Allowing Athletes to Return to Conditioning, falling through the cracks: NCHSAA Decision/GCS Return to Conditioning

Info coming in from one of our local Guilford County parents, just trying to hold out hope that our Guilford County athletes can get in some preseason conditioning before their seasons officially begin/get underway…
(Letters that have been sent to the main offices of the Guilford County Schools.)

Superintendent, Administration and Board Members,

Here we are on 9/14/20, our kids are back in school sort of, and we still have no answers or information about when athletics might start to be phased back in. GCS continues to keep its constituency in the dark when it comes to this subject. The NCHSAA has done its part by coming up with a schedule plan and is in Phase 2 of Return to Play for districts while GCS sits on their hands and leaves our kids in Phase 0. Really is quite frustrating that there continues to be no information from leadership. Again, here we sit on Monday 9/14/2020 and Cross Country and Volleyball are scheduled to begin in the first week of November and GCS hasn’t given its parents and students any inclination that they care about this.

Today I read that the largest school system in the state has started their return to play with volleyball and cross country and will have future dates for which teams can return once campuses are prepared.


GCS has taken no such steps. GCS is very content with our athletes paying money to outside organizations and continuing to workout unsupervised or by the guidelines that the NCHSAA has provided. Trust your Athletic Directors and Coaches to follow the guidelines given to them instead of having our children go on their own. This leadership since the time it arrived in 2016 has been reactive in every decision and call they have made from snow closings to early releases to now returning to play.

I have contacted GCS several times and after being put off twice to an administrator that was not even addressed I finally heard from 2 BoE members. Only when I reached out again after the NCHSAA announced the new athletic schedule did I hear from someone in the Superintendent’s office. To no avail I will probably get the same response from this correspondence which would be no surprise and again very disappointing.

Very disappointing to say the least that we can not even get information about this subject. I believe GCS is hoping it will just go away.

Ron Lenard

On Wed, Aug 12, 2020
Ms. Superintendent, Administration and Board Members,

I am writing yet again about the decision by GCS for Return to Play which was put into effect back in June. GCS on a number of occasions has decided to continue to postpone athletics and band since June. Now that the state has rolled out a tentative schedule for athletics for the 2020-21 school year it is time to revisit a return to play timeline.

These kids need this for their well being. I understand the health and safety of each individual student as well as coach and staff member. These kids continue to work at preparing for their respected seasons on their own. Why not have them at least supervised and controlled by the guidelines the NCHSAA has provided. Several school districts around Guilford County have returned to workouts – Rockingham (4 schools), Forsyth (12 schools), Randolph (6 schools), and Davidson (7 schools) with success and guidance. Let’s trust our area coaches and AD’s to do the same and get these kids back in a routine. Not just for athletics but for their mental health. This whole Covid-19 has created a lot of anxiety for most of these students. We as a district can be mindful and enforce the guidelines for a safe return to at least some sort of team conditioning. This will also help with the continued transition of virtual learning for these students.

The NCHSAA has given us dates to work towards, now let them get back to work. Not going to be normal but at least these kids will have something to work towards.

Ron Lenard