Carolina Panthers doesn’t renew Broadcaster due to Trump support

Most people would not know who Luis Moreno, Jr. was. If Spanish was your language of preference when listen to the NFL Carolina Panthers in Spanish; you would immediately recognize him as the Broadcast Analysis for the Panthers Spanish Radio broadcasts since 2010.

Like many involved in Professional Football, Moreno worked season to season. The next season is always in doubt; but, the longer you work for the team, the more likely you will the hired the next season….


We’ve read about folks being fired for the improper use of certain words; but now we have someone fired for their political support of President Trump.

Luis Moreno, Jr. was not picked up for the Panthers this year after his Social Media posts offended the team. The Panthers asked him to scrub any references to his employment by the Panthers, which he did. That apparently was not enough.

Read more at the Charlotte Observer.


  1. Your headline is not totally correct. This was about a reckless, uninformed group of people associated with QAnon. Yes, Andy people are being fired or using “certain words”. You sound very dismissive. What type of guy are you?

  2. Not my post here…I did not post this one, so I will have to get a pass here…Not my post and not my headline….

    But, Don Moore works very hard, and he will surely be ready to talk more about this here…

    Don will break it all down for you, and I mean Don Moore, and not Don Trump…

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