The Morning Run:We need to Visit/See a Doctor(Looking at the “Top Ten” Doctors)

On the Morning Run this morning, and we really began to give thought to The Doctors….

It seems everyone has been needing to see/visit a doctor this week and we now will begin to look at some of those doctors today…

You are running down the road and the doctors just keep on coming to your mind…

For our video/audio/radio show for today we have these docs….

Up first on our video roll for today, we have Jackson Browne, with “Doctor My Eyes”…Doctor my eyes have seen the years….
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Next up on the Doctors List, we have Doctor, Doctor, give me the news, I have a bad case of loving you….Robert Palmer, with “Bad Case of Loving You(Doctor, Doctor)”….
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For our next move, we need to call on Doctor Love….Here we go with KISS and “Calling Doctor Love”

Sometimes the Doctor will tell you to do something a bit unusual to relieve your pain and problems, and that is the case, as we visit Dr. Harry Nilsson…Harry Nilsson says all you have to do is put the Lime in the Coconut…You say, “Doctor, is there nothing I can take, I say Doctor, to relieve this bellyache?”….”Doctor, is there nothing I can take, I say Doctor, to relieve this bellyache”…

Dr. Harry Nilsson says, you put the Lime in the Coconut, and call me in the morning…Call me in the morning, on The Morning Run

Here is Harry Nilsson, with his rendition of “Coconut”…A great medical tune, and maybe just one of those great medical terms/remedies..
Coconut…CLICK ON..

For our spiritual Tune of the Week, we have “Just A Closer Walk With Thee”…And we have this tune/song coming in from Lynda Randle and also we have it coming in from Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline

First up here is Lynda Randle, with her version of “Just A Closer Walk With Thee”…A great gospel rendition…
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And we also have Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline with, “Just A Closer Walk With Thee”….
Click On and get in on this fine country-gospel version of the great song, Just A Closer Walk With Thee

**********Let’s look at our Top Ten of the Doctors…Our “Top Ten List of Doctors”…..

1)Doctor Detroit…Loved that movie with Dan Aykroyd
You can check out this scene from the movie, Doctor Detroit…

2)Dr. J/Julius Erving(Basketball)
3)Doc Gooden(Baseball)
4)“Dr. D” David Schultz(Professional Wrestling)
5)Dr. Marcus Welby MD(TV)
6)Doc Medich(Baseball)
7)Doctor Zhivago(Movie)
8)Dr. Kildare(TV)
9)“Dr. Death” Steve Williams(Professional Wreslting)
10)Dr. Tom Prichard(Professional Wrestling)

++++++++++Also under consideration:Dr. Dunkenstein/Darrell Griffith(University of Louisville basketball)…..Dr. D(that’s me from some earlier Basketball Days)….Doc Stone, which was Michael J. Fox’s character in a movie(Doc Hollywood)…..Others?????++++++++++

**********We put a lot of time into The Morning Run this morning, and that is what makes this such a good and successful show…We will see all of you right back in here next week, and be sure to tell someone about “The Morning Run” this week..Be safe and stay positive, but be sure that you test negative…….**********