Successful Surgery on Monday morning for Former Local Legend of Radio, Dusty Dunn:Heart Surgery goes well, good story to tell!!!

Heart Surgery goes well, good story to tell!!!

It was a successful heart surgery this morning for former local radio legend Dusty Dunn

The triple bypass surgery is done for Dusty Dunn, and he is resting well now, at the Moore County Medical Center in Pinehurst, N.C.

Got the word from Dusty’s good friend Buddy Bray this morning, and again, the news is good for Dusty Dunn, as his surgery was a success, and it lasted around three hours, but all is good now, and the future looks bright for 75 year-old former radio man at WGBG, WCOG, WTOB, WRQK, WBIG(AM and FM), WKEW, WSJS, WWBG, and WGOS….

Continued success, as his recovery continues, for Dusty Dunn, and we appreciate the update that came into us this morning, from Buddy Bray


  1. Dave Compton

    Got word that Dusty Dunn came through his Triple Bypass surgery well today, and is now in recovery. So thankful for answered prayer! Please continue your prayers in the days ahead for our dear friend, who plays a very significant role in Greensboro Radio History!

    Dusty Dunn, we love you buddy!

  2. I listened to you as a teenager in Summerfield in the
    1960’s. I hope you continue a great recovery. I looked
    you up and happened to see this b/c for many years I have been searching for the name/artist of a song from 1967 that cannot be located on any song/lyric website. The
    more I can’t find it the more I want to. At this point,
    I would pay someone to help me find it! It is a haunting
    song by a female artist about losing her (possibly
    soldier) fiance just as the wedding is to occur. It
    contains the lyrics “My darling Mary….” It would
    be an odd request except to a disc jockey. So I am hope-
    ful you can help put me out of my misery on this. If
    this is public, I hope someone out there can help me
    locate this old song. Thanks. Kent.

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