North Carolina’s “Tailback U” has a new two, with Carter and Williams, but when they had Mike Voight and James “Boom Boom” Betterson, that was really something!!!(Talking Tailback Tandems/Tailback Duos)

Last Saturday for the North Carolina Tar Heels you had Michael Carter with 17 carries for 214 yards and 2 rushing TD’s, plus UNC’s Javonte Williams went for 169 yards on 20 carries and 2 TD’s….Time to put Carter and Williams into “Tailback U”….

Going back, it makes you look at the question, “Who were the best two, in “Tailback U”, at UNC???

Our memories tell us the top tandem/top duo was Mike Voight and James “Boom Boom” Betterson…..You can also take a look back at Curtis Johnson and Leon Johnson….

Tailback U for UNC, with Mike Voight at 1,033 yards in 1974, and James “Boom Boom” Betterson, surpassed Voight, when Betterson ran for 1,166 yards in 1974…Voight and Betterson with 11 touchdowns each in 1974…..

North Carolina Tar Heels numbers for tailback Mike Voight….

Year	Carries	Yards	Average	Touchdowns
1973	49	281	5.7	2
1974	203	1033	5.1	11
1975	259	1250	4.8	11
1976	315	1407	4.5	18
Totals	826	3971	4.8	42

Looking back at UNC’s James “Boom Boom” Betterson’s numbers for the Tar Heels..Bettterson was from High Point, North Carolina, and he played high school football for the High Point Central Bison….

Betterson averaged five yards a carry over three seasons at UNC, his breakout year being his junior season in 1974 when he rushed for 1,166 yards and 11 touchdowns; he and sophomore Mike Voight both clipped the 1,000-yard mark that year.

++++++++++Curtis Johnson and Leon Johnson both ran for more than 1,000 yard in 1993 for the North Carolina Tar Heels…Curtis Johnson from Greensboro, N.C. and Ben L. Smith High School…
1993 Curtis Johnson 1,034
1993 Leon Johnson 1,012

**********The N.C. State Wolfpack has a trio of top running backs in Bam Knight, Ricky Person Jr., and Jordan Houston…N.C. State was even one better at running back, back in 1970’s, when the Wolfpack had Stan Fritts, Willie Burden, Charley Young, and Roland Hooks at RB….***********