NFL Football Ratings for this week, with Tuesday Night FootballCBS) topping Monday Night Football(ESPN) and Sunday Night Football(NBC) was strong!!!!!


**********‘Tuesday night football’ ratings were not bad for CBS, even topping its Monday equivalent.**********

Tuesday’s Bills-Titans NFL regular season game, which was originally scheduled for Sunday, averaged 10.80 million viewers on CBS — down from the previous week’s primetime makeup game on CBS, Patriots-Chiefs on a Monday night (14.60M). Viewership was less than half of the NFL’s previous Tuesday game, which took place in a vastly different television universe ten years ago (2010 Vikings-Eagles: 23.74M).

Tennessee’s easy win, which likely would have aired in less than half of the country had it taken place as scheduled Sunday afternoon, averaged more viewers than the previous night’s Chargers-Saints Monday Night Football game on ESPN (10.69M).

It also gave CBS its second-best primetime rating in adults 18-49 (3.0) and 18-34 (2.2) since the Grammy Awards in January, behind only Patriots-Chiefs the previous week.

In other Week 5 action, ESPN’s previously-mentioned Chargers-Saints game (10.69M) declined 4% from last year (Browns-49ers: 11.13M) but increased 2% from 2018 (Washington-New Orleans: 10.51M). The game peaked with 11.84 million from 9:15-9:30 PM ET.

MNF is now averaging 11.25 million viewers this season (including a Week 2 “Megacast” on ESPN, ABC and ESPN2), nearly even with last year (11.27M).

Shifting to Sunday, CBS averaged a 12.2 and 22.87 million for the NFL national window (Giants-Cowboys in 86% of markets) — the network’s most-watched October NFL telecast since 2015 (mostly Chargers-Packers: 25.03M).

Ratings still fell 12% and viewership 7% from Week 5 last year on FOX (Packers-Cowboys: 13.8, 24.60M). Keep in mind that because this NFL season began a week later than last year, comparisons are to a week earlier on the calendar (in this case, October 6, 2019). Versus the same October weekend of last year — Week 6 on October 13 — ratings were flat and viewership increased 7% (from 21.42M) over coverage that featured Cowboys-Jets.

CBS also averaged an 8.0 and 14.14 million for its early window (Raiders-Chiefs in 78% of markets), down 16% in ratings and 12% in viewership from Week 5 last year (ft. Vikings-Giants: 9.6, 16.05M). Versus the same weekend last year — again, Week 6 — ratings increased 4% and viewership 9% from coverage featuring Texans-Chiefs.

In other action, NBC’s Sunday Night Football (Vikings-Seahawks) averaged an 8.4 and 15.08 million opposite the clinching Game 6 of the NBA Finals (4.2, 8.29M). While SNF easily won the head-to-head, Game 6 provided the strongest competition SNF has faced in adults 18-49 and 18-34 in two years.

The added competition helped sink SNF by 21% in ratings and 17% in viewership versus last year (Colts-Chiefs: 10.6, 18.13M). Compared to the same weekend last year, ratings fell 2% (from 8.6) but viewership increased 1% (from 14.89M) over a Chargers-Steelers game.

Finally, the FOX singleheader brought up the rear with a 6.8 (-27%) and 12.49 million (-23%) — the lowest rated singleheader since Week 7 in 2009 (6.4) and the least-watched since Week 3 in 2018 (11.94M). Coverage featured Eagles-Steelers in a plurality of markets.