The Morning Run:Time to go “The Garden”(Top Ten List for this week)

Sometimes when you are running down the road in the morning, ideas come to your mind that might seem a little bit out in left field, but then you realize you are not out in left field, or even in the outfield at all, you are in the field, but you are in “The Garden”

Time to run down the road on The Morning Run, and time to run right into “The Garden”

Let’s start/begin our trip to The Garden, with a visit to The Rose Garden…Not the vegetable garden, but The Rose Garden, with Lynne Anderson, doing the honors on the vocals…Here’s Lynn Anderson, with “I Beg Your Pardon, I Never Promised You A Rose Garden”
Click On Below for the video….

Sometimes you can hit The Garden, and you can start having a Garden Party…Let’s start one, let’s have one here today…
Here’s Ricky Nelson, with his tune, Garden Party

For our spiritual theme song, we also make this a country song for this week, as we have Alan Jackson doing us all proud with his rendition of, “In The Garden”…Excellent work here, with Alan singing, I go to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses…..
Click On for Alan Jackson, and “In The Garden”….

This next song might blow you away…It is called Song from a Secret Garden, and this one is a classical performance..
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On our last visit to the garden today, we will run right through the Farmer’s Market/Farmer’s Garden, and see what he has for sale…
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Now we have our Top Ten for this week with our Top Ten Vegetables….Our Top Ten Vegetables for this week are right here for you, right now….

Top Ten Vegetables
(Coming to you, right from The Garden)
4)Cajun Pinto Beans
6)Green Beans
10)Blackeye Peas
Honorable Mention:Lettuce, Rice, Mac and Cheese…..

That’s our run through The Garden for this week, and we hope to be right back in here for you, next Friday morning……Stay tuned, and thanks for viewing and listening…..