Good News for Former Greensboro Radio Man Dusty Dunn

Good news coming in on Monday on Dusty Dunn, the former Greensboro and Triad radio man, who underwent Triple Bypass Heart Surgery last Monday, October 11…..

The good news is that Dusty Dunn is resting well and is about to begin undergoing heart surgery rehab….He will be rehabbing for the next several weeks, and the future does look good for Dusty Dunn, and we can say here today, that he is on the road to recovery…

Got the good news in from Buddy Bray on Monday, and it is good to hear that Dusty Dunn is doing well, and he is making solid progress on his “Road to Recovery”…..

Dusty Dunn was formerly with WCOG, WRQK, WTOB, WBIG(both AM and FM), WGBG, WKEW, WSJS, WWBG and WGOS radio here in the Triad/Greensboro….