Former WWE Wrestler Mick Foley shares his Criticism of President Donald Trump:Foley calls Donald Trump Trump “a person of indescribable cruelty”

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(from Jason Ounpraseuth with WrestlingInc. and from Nick Hausman talking with Mick Foley)

isotretinoin on line Mick Foley’s outspoken criticisms of buy Lyrica from mexico President Donald Trump as of late has been well documented.

Foley noted that he did not intend to get more political, but he said he felt that he had to due to the behavior and actions of can i buy generic Lyrica President Donald Trump.

“I did not intend to get political,” Foley admitted. “I was political in 2003-2004. I debated JBL on World News Tonight on ABC Live, and I thought we both accounted for ourselves pretty well. As soon as the major issue became the economy when it fell apart in 2008–I could not tell you to this day what a credit default swap is, which was the major reason the economy fell apart. No matter how many times I read it, I don’t understand it. I’m not, [in] the end, passionate about it, but in this case, I just see so many things going wrong.

“I know that obviously, the president has his fans out there. Overnight, I lost 50,000 followers at one point just because I suggested that maybe there should be witnesses at a trial. So I understand, especially when I’m in some rural areas and signing autographs, they’re good people, hard-working people who probably don’t feel the same way about the president that I do, and I understand that. And I would hate to lose some of them, let alone 50,000 overnight, but Ieper the two dirtiest words in the English language are ‘what if’. I always felt that way.

“I don’t want to be that guy saying ‘what if’ 10 years from now laying on my couch saying, ‘I could have gone out there on stage. I could have worked on it. I could have brought a show alive,’ so I did my best to do that, and I swear, I don’t want a moment where ‘what if I had done something different. What if this president wins by 200 votes in one state and pushes the electoral college over the line?’ And I just thought, if you got the power to do something and you don’t do it because you’re worried about losing some Twitter followers, maybe you don’t have your priorities in order.”

Foley continued talking about President Trump’s behavior and actions, calling Trump “a person of indescribable cruelty.”

“I just thought this is an extreme time,” Foley said. “Everything from a President of the United States with 80 million followers openly mocking someone like Elijah Wood after his house was broken into. To mocking Debbie Dingell about her husband who had just passed away. Just a mean guy and I just see so many issues with it. I literally bought a scroll so that if I was asked, “what’s your issue?” Because if it’s one issue, then it’s easy to bring up.

“If it’s 200 issues and literally you come up with 200 things without having to work too hard, things that weren’t right with this administration. I want to just roll it out and go, ‘do you want me to start alphabetically, chronologically? You name it,’ but just in the past few days, threatening to fire your FBI guy if he doesn’t give you the information you want. I don’t think he understands that they don’t work for him. He works for us. The FBI works for us. The [James] Comey thing made that clear. You’re not supposed to be close with your FBI guy. He’s supposed to give you independent information.

“So every step of the way from naming the lead juror in a case, outwardly shaming the guy on his Twitter. If you were to see a guy, just a guy mocking somebody for having their house broken into, what would be a word you would use to describe that guy? Heartless, jerk [or] DB. You name it. Now if that same guy has 80 million followers who are going to change the life of that person you’re mocking, who are going to make their life a living hell, then that’s just a person of indescribable cruelty.”