Why did Jerry Eaves(N.C. A&T) and Frankie Eaves(Page HS) receive the “U-Turn” on Wednesday night’s Amazing Race on CBS???/Without the “U-Turn” Jerry and Frankie would still be in the race!!!(Eaves are Eliminated from The Race)

The big question coming out of Wednesday night’s Amazing Race on CBS is thisWhy did Jerry Eaves(N.C. A&T) and Frankie Eaves(Page High School) get the big “U-Turn” laid on them, on the Amazing Race???

Jerry Eaves, the former men’s basketball coach for the N.C. A&T Aggies, and Frankie Eaves, the former basketball player, at Page High School, looked to be getting the rip…

Frank and Jerry were in decent position for part of the race on Wednesday night, but they forget to collect their tools, after they had them checked in at the picnic table, and they had to tell the boat operator to go back so that they could gather their tools, and bring them with them to the island…

Once Frank and Jerry got to the island, they had to create and cook the meal, and then after Frank and Jerry got their meal approved by the Tribal Chief, they made their way to the next post/checkpoint, where they would pick up their next clue, that would tell them where to go next, and at that time, Jerry and Frank were still in the race, and they would have made it to the next round/episode on CBS…

BUT, when Frank and Jerry got to Clue Box, somebody had given them a “U-Turn” and so Jerry and Frank had to go back to the village and start all over again, and this time they had to build a roof, for the Tribal Chief’s hut….

So Jerry and Frank had to start all over again, and build that roof, and by receiving that sorry “U-Turn”, Frank and Jerry Eaves ended up finishing DEAD LAST in this leg of The Amazing Race…..What a ripoff…Somebody “U-Turned them, and now Jerry and Frank/Frankie have been eliminated from The Amazing Race….
(A big detail for Jerry and Frank, was that they did Finish….Jerry said that was key, “We had to Finish”.)

BUT, that is such a Rip…It was fun watching two former locals go for The Amazing Race title, and now they are GONE!!!!!

But, the race must gone on, and here is what we are still looking at…..

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Double U-Turn Time! Who Went Home on The Amazing Race Tonight?

Even though this season of The Amazing Race is only three episodes in, it’s clear exhaustion and drama has already kicked in. A trip to the Amazon provided more than just blistering heat, including game-ending mistakes and big moves made at the U-Turn board.

Who was eliminated on The Amazing Race tonight?
Jerry Eaves and Frank Eaves — Father & Son
It was a tough leg for the father/son pairing. A pivotal mistake leaving behind their shopping left them behind from the rest of the teams. Despite their attempt to catch up, the double U-Turn hit them, putting a blowdart in any chance of them surviving the leg.

Which teams finished at the top in Week 3?
It was a near-perfect leg for Will Jardell and James Wallington. The dating couple became part of a majority alliance among teams and coasted to first place in the leg, taking a shot at Leo Brown and Alana Folsom along the way. Second place went to continued frontrunners Hung Nguyen and Chee Lee, and sisters Kaylynn Williams and Haley Williams got out of the back of the pack with a third place finish.

Which teams finished at the bottom in Week 3?
Sisters Michelle Newland and Victoria Newland ran around like fish with their heads cut off this leg, making a number of mistakes that included wandering in search of the pit stop. They finish in seventh, followed by Leo and Alana, who were able to stave off elimination despite being U-Turned.

Who’s left this season on The Amazing Race?
Aparna Dhinakaran and Eswar Dhinakaran — Siblings
DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge — Friends & Former NFL Stars
Hung Nguyen and Chee Lee — Married Parents
Kaylynn Williams and Haley Williams — Sisters
Leo Brown and Alana Folsom — Dating (now married)
Michelle Newland and Victoria Newland — Sisters
Riley McKibbin and Maddison McKibbin — Brothers & Pro Volleyball Players
Will Jardell and James Wallington — Dating