We found the “Cheapest Gas in Town Today” and it was only $1.64 per gallon:Where was it???(It was Right Around the Corner!!!)

Saw the “Cheapest Gas in Town” today…..Man I have seen gas lately for $2.09 a gallon, $1.99 a gallon, even $1.89 a gallon, but today I found the gas, and this gas was going for just $1.64 per gallon

And where was this gas, for just $1.64 per gallon???

It was like we said up top/upstairs in the headline….

That gas at $1.64 per gallon was Right Around the Corner….

I was driving down Holden Road headed south, and as I came up on the Holden Road and Vandalia Road intersection, I noticed the signs and those gas signs were reading, $1.64 per gallon….

There it was, Right Around the Corner….Right there at the intersection of Holden Road and Vandalia Road you had the BP station, the Circle K station, and the Handi Pantry station, and all three of had the gas going for just $1.64 per gallon….

Those three convenience stores had the cars lined up, and people were storing up, on the $1.64 per gallon gas…..

That was the deal, and it looked like a steal, gas going for just $1.64 per gallon, at the BP, the Circle K, and the Handi Pantry, right there on Holden Road and Vandalia Road, at that intersection….

If you are in the neighborhood, you might want to check this out….

It is Right Around the Corner, and it is gas going for just $1.64 per gallon…That looks to be the, “Deal of the Day”…….
(Today’s Tip:GO South my friend.)