When you run in Greensboro’s “Running of the Balls” this Holiday Season, you will have to “Keep/Maintain Your Distance”: Race goes Virtual and 5K becomes a ‘No-K’ for 2020

Greensboro’s Running of the Balls 5k becomes a ‘No-K’ for 2020
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GREENSBORO, N.C. — You won’t need a ‘Couch to 5k’ program to get you ready for this race.

The annual “Running of the Balls” in the Sunset Hills neighborhood of Greensboro is still on — sort of.

“We’ve been on more Zoom meetings than any human was ever intended to sit through trying to figure out how to smash 5,000 folks into Sunset Hills for an amazing night of festivities and we’ve come to realize that it’s not possible without causing an actual public health crisis,” the Running of the Balls team said in a news release.

So, they came up with an alternative: a “No-K” where you can run, walk or hang out at home.

As always the race benefits the Second Harvest Food Bank, and, as the nation continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic, they wanted to find a way to continue to help those in need without putting any more people at risk.

Second Harvest has seen an almost 300% increase in need for food assistance as more than 8 million people slipped into poverty over this tumultuous year.

So, this year, you can register for the race at half price, and then do whatever you want!

Want to toss on the bib and beat your best 5k time? Awesome!

Want to toss on the bib and use it while you eat Cheetohs on your couch? Stellar!

By signing up, you get the limited edition 2020 Running of the Balls shirt, a jingle bell and a race bib.

You can pick up the bib in Sunset Hills throughout the month of December or have your packet mailed to you for a $15 shipping and handling fee.

To register, visit the Running of the Balls website.