The Morning Run:”On the Road Again”/”Keep on Trucking”(Top Ten Items on you Thanksgiving Day table)

Let’s get back “On the Road Again”, this morning, on The Morning Run….

As I was running down the road this morning, my feet hit a crack in the pavement, and I began to go stumblin’, fumblin’ and rumblin’ down the road/street, and I was almost literally, “On the Road Again”

When your toes hit those bad cracks in the pavement, you just have to try and maintain your balance and, “Keep on Trucking”….That is what it is all about, in running and in life, you just have to Keep On Truckin’ as you head on down the ‘road of life’…You almost go down for the fall, but you have to stand upright, and keep on going…

This was one of those mornings, on The Morning Run, where every tendon, joint and ligament in your body is calling out to you in pain, you again, you just have to Keep on Truckin’/Running…..

With that being said, let’s get back “On the Road Again”, and let’s get Truckin’…..

Here we go with Willie Nelson, and we are, “On the Road Again”…..
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Now that we have established that we are back On the Road Again, we need to get Truckin’
Let’s get it rolling by going East Bound and Down, with Jerry Reed…This might be just what you need this morning, Jerry Reed, and East Bound and Down(Loaded Up and Truckin’)….

Click On and get East Bound and Down, loaded up and truckin’, with Jerry Reed, Burt Reynonlds, and Sally Fields

What’s better to get you on the road and movin’ than a Big Ole 18-Wheeler…Roll On Highway, Roll On 18-Wheeler, Roll On…Let’s go on down to Alabama, and let Randy Owen(with Alabama), get it going, with Roll On 18-Wheeler, Roll On
CLICK ON, and get on down The Highway…

If we are going to get this thing rolling right, and right on down the highway, we need to start ourselves up a Convoy…Here is C.W. McColl and his song Convoy, right now…Here it tis, on The Morning Run….C.W. McColl, and Convoy….
Click On, and get ‘er rollin’ good buddy….

For final Truckin’ Song/Tune of the day, let’s bring on Kathy Mattea, and crank up Kathy’s good song, 18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses…A good one to get us back up off of the road this morning, on The Morning Run
Mattea music, with 18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses….
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It’s all like one Big Run, or like one Big Dance, and Garth Brooks has that DANCE for us this morning, on The Morning Run, and looking back on the memories, there are sooooo many, well, let’s let Garth take us down memory lane/memory road…
CLICK ON for The Dance

We are all here and getting it done, on The Morning Run, and we are all getting it done due to God’s Amazing Grace…Whitney Houston is gone, her race is done/complete, but her work lives on, and here she is again today, with Amazing Grace…Enjoy, and be sure to remember your Morning Run has just begun…We have to keep on running on The Morning Run and let God’s Amazing Grace, guide us along the way
It is an Amazing Race of life, and we have for your Amazing Race, a nice shot of Amazing Grace…

There you have for The Morning Run video shows, and now it is time to set the Thanksgiving Day table

Here is our Top Ten List for this week, and we have the Top Ten Items on your Thanksgiving Day table….

Top Ten List
4)Homemade Biscuits
5)Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
6)Green Beans
7)Blackeye Peas
8)Cranberry Sauce
9)Pecan Pie
10)A jug of Iced Tea

There you go, we are done for this week, with the best/top show on the internet today…Here’s hoping the food is not too well done on your Thanksgiving Day Table next Thursday…..See you again next Friday, on The Morning Run….
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