Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner/Guess Who is Dinner on Thanksgiving Day?

Who’s it going to be??? It is almost time to dig in….

Here is our Top Ten List for who might be coming to dinner, and who might be dinner on Thanksgiving Day…

10)A Partridge in/and a Pear Tree

We need to add a Squash Casserole and a pan of homemade brownies to our Thanksgiving Day Table, and we just keep on adding more and more Thanksgiving Day themed items, and it is really hard to stop talking about Thanksgiving cold turkey…
(With that all being said, it is time to dig into this Turkey/Chicken.)

Heard this note this morning on Thanksgiving Day talk…“Why did the Turkey cross the road”????? Answer:So that they would think he was a Chicken and they wouldn’t shoot him for Thanksgiving Day Dinner….

Here is our Top Ten List from last Friday….
Here is our Top Ten List for this week, and we have the Top Ten Items on your Thanksgiving Day table….

Top Ten List
4)Homemade Biscuits
5)Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
6)Green Beans
7)Blackeye Peas
8)Cranberry Sauce
9)Pecan Pie
10)A jug of Iced Tea

Some of the comments coming in off of Facebook on last Friday’s list….
Bill Ahrens
No pumpkin pie?

Doug Cockman
I like this list but got to have the deviled eggs on here instead of the blackeye peas.

Bill Ahrens
Black eyed peas for New Years.

Doug Cockman
I agree

Joyce Blackwood
What a about the chili beans Mom always made for you

Bill Ahrens
Joyce Blackwood That’s chili with beans?

Cynthia Brewer Sahr
He hit the pecan pie… I’d say Andy is all set