The Carolina Panthers’ QB Teddy Bridgewater:Out of the Darkness, and Sharing his Light

Teddy Bridgewater:Out of the darkness, sharing his light
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Teddy Bridgewater did a superhuman thing.

But Teddy Bridgewater is still very human.

Most fans and even his work acquaintances don’t see anything but happy Teddy, smiling Teddy, singing Teddy, upbeat Teddy. And that version is still the largely accurate one, most of the time, because he feels an obligation to be that guy.

Those closest to him have seen the other side, but only briefly, because that’s the Teddy the world needs to see and the one he wants to present.

Vikings assistant coach and former cornerback Terence Newman may be one of the few who have seen the Teddy that’s largely hidden from view. He’s seen the flashes of doubt, the moments when the star quarterback wasn’t sure if he was ever going to play again at all, much less play well.

And when Newman saw those glimpses, he made sure they went away. Because he knows what Teddy means to people.

Too often when we watch football games — games played by men in helmets and armor, covering faces and bodies that we rarely see — we assume the men inside are indestructible because they look that way. And because so many people are invested in fantasy football, or even their lives outside ball games, they’re OK going on with the assumption the people inside those suits of armor must be indestructible too.

The Teddy that everyone sees — smiling, dancing, telling jokes and singing songs and being great at playing football — certainly appears to be.

That’s because he’s back now, after effectively destroying his left knee in a non-contact fall during Vikings practice in 2016. That story’s been told. They called an ambulance in the middle of practice. It was that bad. And that injury has practically become another cast member in the screenplay of his life, something to move the story along to this year, as if The Injury was a plot device designed to deliver him to Charlotte, so he could overcome a big thing and share his light with others.

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