The Morning Run:A Quiet and Peaceful Run on the Thanksgiving Weekend[We have The Thanksgiving Song/Notre Dame(8-0) at North Carolina(6-2) today]

Not much spectacular about this morning’s Morning Run…It was pretty much a quiet and peaceful movement this Friday morning, on “The Morning Run”

Not that many cars out on the streets/roads, a lot of businesses closed and for many people, another Off Day for their Thanksgiving Day Weekend….

It was really sort of crazy to see the three deaths roll in on the Thanksgiving Day Weekend

Diego Maradona, from the soccer world, went first, gone at age 60, due to a heart attack…Bob Ryder, from the world of professional wrestling, was the next to leave us, and he was gone at age 64, due to complications from cancer…Then yesterday, we learned that former professional football coach Jim Hanifan had died, and Coach Hanifan was gone at age 87…

So while we out there doing all of our running and walking, those around us are checking out, unfortunately….But with all of this running and exercise, “The Morning Run” ought to last another 20-25 years, right???

Probably not…But, there is no need not to shoot for it…Right?

And here we are on “The Morning Run”….

This was our Top Ten List for this week, and we first printed this back on Wednesday, so we could get it listed prior to the big Turkey Day….

Here is our Top Ten List for who might be coming to dinner, and who might be dinner on Thanksgiving Day…

10)A Partridge in/and a Pear Tree

We only have one video and one song/one tune for this week and if you have never Clicked On one of our videos before, please do Click On this one…

It is new to most of us, and it is great…I’m telling you, you won’t be disappointed…

We have Ben Rector, and The Thanksgiving Song….“Thank God, for this Thanksgiving Day”….I never knew there was a Thanksgiving Day Song, but we have found it, and again, I do think you will like it/love it…It will be like that GMC car/truck commercial, “I Love It”…..This song might become a new Thanksgiving Day tradition for many, as they might find this song to be the crux of the Holiday Festivities…Here you go, and this my friends, is one heck of a video show, when you Click On Below…..Please check it out, YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!

And we will close with College Football for today…..

We have #2 Notre Dame(8-0) at #25 North Carolina(6-2) at 3:30pm on ABC TV/TV 45 locally…

**********We will see you all again, right here next week, on “The Morning Run”….We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving Day Weekend….**********