The Morning Run:Need to take a Long Road Trip/Looking into the “Squared Circle” Top Ten/Studying Car Dealerships from the past/’Undercover’ John Hitchcock

We have a lot to get to today, so let’s get moving and hopefully we will be done/finished, by the bottom of the hour…

First up today, it is time to run again, and what were we thinking about, as we ran that five miles this morning, on “The Morning Run”…..

Our thought process took us away today, as we were running, and we took off on a Long Trip, and where did we go???

Let’s take off on an American Dream…Here is the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, with American Dream…An’it got much money brother, but don’t you know, we’ll split the difference, and go to Coconut Grove….

What do you say we hit the Blue Bayou next??? And we have the lovely Linda Ronstadt to take us there…
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Hey, we are taking a trip, and where do we head to next? How about Jamaica??? Stephen Bishop is here with us, and he’s a saying, “Down in Jamaica, they got lots of pretty women Steal your money then they break your heart”…And then everything goes, On and On….
Stephen Bishop, and On and On….
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It is now time to go far away…What do you say we go to Africa????? We have Toto, and they have for us, AFRICA
Click On Below…It is good…You are there, we have arrived my friends…

For our final stop on our trips today, I feel like we need to go to Kansas City, home of Patrick Mahomes, and the K.C. Chiefs…
This is an Oldie, but Goodie, Wilbert Harrison and Kansas City….

Our Gospel tune/song of the day is, “Love’s Gonna Get You Yet”…And Mark Bishop has it for us
Click On Below, and here we go, with our Gospel Radio Show…

Next up on The Morning Run Show, let’s turn our attention to the Top Ten Professional Wrestlers of all time…This being based on wrestling ability and the ability to draw money….Lots of wrestling talk on the site this week, and now let’s bring on The Top Ten

Top Ten Wrestlers
1)Ric Flair
3)Hulk Hogan
4)“Stone Cold” Steve Austin
5)The Rock
6)John Cena
7)Dusty Rhodes
8)Ricky Steamboat
9)Roddy Piper
10)Tie:Lou Thez/Danny Hodge/Bruno Sammartino

Top locals would be Dan Grondy(was on WCW), Mark Vance(was on WCW), Robbie McBride(was on ROCK 92) and we can’t forget Stan Lane, from Page High School….

++++++++++Also we need to drop in a mention for long-time local wrestling fan/historian John Hitchcock, who lost his mom last week…‘Undercover John’, we are all thinking of you today, after the death of your mother….++++++++++

For our closer today, and for the closer for this week, let’s close the deal….As we run each and every morning, it gets me to studying the cars that go passing by me, and as I was studying the cars today, it got me thinking about all of the local car dealerships from the past, here in Greensboro….

Here we go with our Top Ten Car Dealerships from the past, here in Greensboro

Top Ten Car Dealerships
(We are giving our ten, with no particular preference.)

1)Tal Williams’ Traders Chevrolet
2)North State Chevrolet
3)Bob Dunn Ford
4)Galloway Buick
5)Pickard-Dunn Dodge
6)City Motors(Mazda)
7)Alexander Motors(Volkswagon)
8)Brinsfield Motors(Datsun)
9)Crown Pontiac
10)Friendly Ford/Jack Pickard Volvo

**********Well, we have run out of gas, and that is it for our show for today/Friday…Hope you enjoyed it, and we will look to see all of you back in here again, next week, for “The Morning Run”…**********
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